My husband just shared with me some GREAT news! He just met with our car insurance agent, & by updating our policy, we saved/will save $1600/year!!! I'm SO excited; that's the best news that I've had re: our finances in a LONG time! We were struggling to make our monthly payment, along with all of the other bills; there was no way that we could pay for 6 or 12 months of coverage at once. (I just had to use the last bit of money from a bank CD to make the most recent payment, and I can't withdraw anymore without incurring ridiculous penalties; at that rate, I might as well close my account, but I know that is not the best option, especially for my credit score....) Now we can use that money to pay off some other debt--incurred NOT because of overspending or buying luxuries but for *necessities* and an emergency repair not covered under insurance/warranty--a bit faster.

Hooray for Allstate!

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Comment by Robin Burgoon on November 14, 2008 at 12:01pm
And it took me an hour & 15 mins to type that! Well, really, it should've taken only a few, but my kids kept interrupting me... & the hour is because the forum time is still DST, or is on Atlantic Time, or I need to change a setting to show EST.

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