Humans have been known to beg just to hear the right word from the right person.


The right word is invaluable to us - personally, professionally, financially.


The right word can make the world MAGIC.


But the wrong words, heartless words, tactless words, hard words can do sustainable, irreparable damage to individuals, families, companies, countries - our entire world.


Hard words can effectively be the same as fist punches. 


We should reserve fist punches for emergency situations and for protection - not as habitual means of interacting with one another. 


No one welcomes the habitual puncher. 


No one welcomes the indiscriminate puncher who can't turn off their punching penchant.


If your words are habitually considered to be handshakes, people welcome you, just by the mere mention of your name.  By the mere mention of your name, you are a success before you speak.


But, if your words are habitually considered to be punches, people resent your message and reject it even before your message is expressed.   Based on your prior branding as a puncher, your message fails before you speak.


Can you see the danger of people who build up their brand as a "puncher", especially an "indiscriminate puncher"?


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Comment by Vincent Wright on March 14, 2014 at 10:37am
My pleasure, Jessan... #KeepSTRONG

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