Wine Country Film Festival Test Your Sense with Top American Sommeliers Charlie Arturaola & Christopher Sawyer in #WCFF #Quarryhill

The 31st Wine Country Film Festival (WCFF), wine country's original showcase of international magic cinema. Sept. 22-24 in Sonoma Valley. 

WCFF boasts a showcase of 51 films from 22 countries, including nine films from new independent filmmakers from Iran, engaging conversations with filmmakers, winemakers and chefs, a seminar with world-renown sommelier Charlie Arturaola, an Opening Night Derby Outfit Contest, and some of the world's best wines and delicious food prepared specially to complement the movies.

New this year is Seminar Wine Tasting: Test Your Senses with the best wines and flavors Rioja Alavesa, Arnaldo Caprai, Nadia Zenato Italy & France on Saturday, 23/09 14h-16 h with Charlie Arturaola & Christopher Sawyer (#Embajador #Ambassadeur) #USA Ambassador of the World Contest of Brussels (#CMB2018 #Concours Mondale Bruxellles 2018)  that will take place on #Haidian Beijing #China May 2018  11th-13th 2018.The  Arturaolas’ Film features screened outdoors at Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen. The other venue is the historic Kenwood Depot, where films, The seminar ‘Test Your Sense’ and special events will take place throughout the weekend.  

The Festival's French Touch closing with the night film Tour de France, an amiable mismatched-buddy road movie that throws together veteran acting legend Gerard Depardieu and rapper Sadek in the Immigration (Migration) theme. Tour de France script writer & director Rachid Djaidani it is a lively and heavy-handed approach indie road movie. Depardieu rhyming only among to the lines somewhat running with the hares and hunting with hounds. It is weirdly exuberant moment in a film that pits the seasoned Gallic star against a young man from Morocco that has emigrated in France the Paris rapper actor Sadek plays with conviction and reality. Setting the stage for a culture clash where la “Vieille France & Deep France”  bumps head with the bling-bling generation. With quite a lot of memorable scenes about la France Profonde, with racism as a central theme racism and deep social background. Making a media splash and a blast off theme about what means nowadays to be French if your name it is not like #Asterix or #Vercingetorix? It is a very interesting film almost like «Driving Miss Daisy”.

Sponsored by North Bay Credit Union, the Closing Night film admission is $20. 

Tomorrow Saturday's Sept. 23 program is packed with special events. There is a two-hour seated tasting seminar with world-renown Sommelier Charlie Arturaola and Sonoma Sommelier Christopher Sawyer, the American Ambassador for the Concours Mondial du Brussels, and Michael Traverso, Senior brand manager for Wilson Daniels in Healdsburg, will introduce wines from the grapes of the Italia-Argentinean comedy The Duel of Wine about a sommelier (starring Arturaola) who has lost his sense of taste. The comedy screens at Quarryhill later that night. Admission to the film only is $20

“Taste your Senses - The Family Wines of The Duel” seminar includes eight tastes of wines that are featured in the film including Arnaldo Caprai, Nadia (Umbria), Champagne Gosset (France), Venice Zenato Wineries, (Veneto), Txakoli (Basque), Chianti Classic, Rioja Alavesa, Malbec Catena Mendoza Argentina, among others. Runs 2-5 p.m., $75 per person at Quarryhill. Reservations are required. Seating is limited.

Then, don't miss Inuit Lands: The Melting Point, on Sept. 23, 5 p.m. at the Kenwood Depot. Traveling across Greenland from 2011 through 2013 documentary filmmaker Patrick Morell creates a tribute to the internationally renowned French explorer, geomorphologic and ethno historian Jean Maluarie and his lifetime study of the Arctic people. The film exposes the changes affecting the small hunting and fishing communities of northern Greenland today, including globalization, market economies, and climate change. Q&A with filmmaker after the film. Admission $10.

Morell, a freelance documentary cinematographer and director dedicates his films to deepening the understanding of the human experience. Raised in France and graduated from the Sorbonne with degrees in philosophy and journalism, he will give a master class on documentary filmmaking on Sunday, Sept 24, 9 a.m. at the Depot. Admission $10.
Wear comfortable shoes, bring a jacket (nights get cool) and a flashlight. No smoking. 
Pick up a program guide at a WCFF venue or go online to Individual film tickets ($10-$20) can be purchased day of show (cash only) or online. Program is subject to change.

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