Why I am a #Writer ~ essay

Let’s begin by understanding one thing – I wasn’t always a writer.  After all, once I accomplished the required rudiments of beginning to become a human being – i.e. sitting up, eating human food, beginning to learn language, walking and all – I was just a little girl, growing up.

Somewhere along the way, however, I learned that words have meaning – often, deep meaning(s).  That speaking the most right word can either encourage or profoundly discourage myself and others; and, unfortunately, that words can be used as weapons.

Some time later I, also, learned to write words.  Sometimes they were “funny words”, like “sword” (that I learned how to spell by emphasizing the “sw” sound and, then, adding the remaining “…ord”).  I have a long and growing list of “funny words”. Another one might be “ghabberflasted” (intentionally flipped ’round for memorability and humor).

Eventually, I began to, somewhat, “eat” words – rolling them over in my mouth for pronunciation, “digesting” the deeper meaning(s), learning the human history of words. I think, at that point, I was “hooked”; but, didn’t consciously realize it yet.  I was on the path to becoming a writer; whether a “public” writer or a “private” writer didn’t matter.

Subsequently, the unconscious became conscious as I wrote more.  I thought, as a returned undergraduate, I would be going into law to, then, specialize in international law, with sitting on the World Court as my goal.

Halfway through my undergraduate degree (I went back as a sophomore), what can only be called a phenomenological occurrence happened; my goal took a one-week hiatus, while I talked with two writers and two lawyers.  At the end of one week, I decided to go into writing not lawyering; and, didn’t know it was poetry until I wrote more.

The rest, as is said, is my history as a writer – earning my graduate degree, an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island) with the concentration in poetry, submissions, acceptances, teaching at the college level for eight years, Guest Lectureships, Visiting Artist gigs, readings, more writing, submissions and acceptances.

After my teaching gigs ended, I began to develop my skills, expertise and acumen as a “commercial”, independent, freelance writer/entrepreneur. I had come to understand by that time that the world wide web is completely driven by words/writing. That was in May, 1996.

At this time, poetry continues to be the foundation for any/all skill(s) I have as a writer and, thankfully, continues to flow.  Clients continue to reach out to me when they feel that my experience and skills best match their desired/needed projects. (Please refer to the tab “Collaborate With Jessan".)

Finally, the following quote by Mark Twain is the genesis upon which my logo was created:

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

…and, that answers (more or less) why I am a writer.

Enjoy this day you make/are given.


~ Jessan

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