What else can a Recruiter Do!!

The great debate within companies has been around for some time. You are a "recruiter", that is all and what you do. That is what they say and think. However that is so far from the truth and it is our jobs as recruiters to explain and prove it to them. But before we do that we need to know what it is we can do besides recruiting ourselves. You would be surprised how many recruiters do not realize the other things they can do. Below is a list of the types of positions a recruiter could do beyond recruiting, please keep in mind this is not all inclusive.

HR- Obviously if you have been a recruiter for any length of time you have touched on all parts of HR.

Training- Again if you have been a recruiter for any length of time you have had to train people. Whether it is, other recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, and usually on subjects ranging from; sourcing, to interviewing, HRIS/ATS to writing JDs, to resume writing and more.

Resume Writer - This is an obvious one, I mean what recruiter cannot write a good resume. Believe it or not there are jobs were that is what you do.

Researcher - Any recruiter worth their salt, knows how to do research. If you look at several of my blog posting you will notice research is a key ingredient to being a good recruiter. Sourcing is researching. Again some companies call their sourcers researchers, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Compensation - Now this one is trickier, however if you have been a recruiter for awhile at some point you were involved in compensation strategies, range setting, classification, research (hmm again) and more

HRIS/ATS analyst - Once again if you have been a recruiter for any length of time, you have touched on being a HRIS or ATS analyst. Meaning you have had to analyze data coming from these systems.

Project Manager - Yes PM, if you read my blog on 'Rules to recruit by", you would see how PM fits.

Management- Of course within recruiting and all these positions there is a management track.

Career Coach- Another Hmm one, but if you are read my blog on " The Candidate Experience" You would know that we as recruiters often do the job of career coach. We help candidates internal and external with resume writing, interviewing tips, career advice, training requirements etc..

Sales-As recruiters part of our job is sales.

Resource Manager- A resource manager is mainly used within the consulting world. It is a person who keeps track of the consultant who are not on projects, and helps fill project teams. the scope of this job is well within the capabilities of a recruiter. There are allot of similarities between the 2 positions.

Of course there are plenty more but this gives you a good idea, that a recruiter is much more than just a recruiter.

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