How is your website doing? Are you getting enough activity? Enough hits? The sales you were expecting off of it?

Ask yourself these questions and then decide if you need an upgrade of your site.

1. Does your home page clearly say what your company does and the kind of customer you want or serve?

2. Do you use an easy conversational tone in your copy?

3. Do you offer useful content in addition to your product and service information?

4. Is your website optimized for the best possible ranking in the search engines?

5. Are you always updating your websites copy?

6. Do all the pages of your website have an offer that they can’t refuse?

7. Do your action requests talk to the customer at all the different stages to the buying process?

8. Is your phone number on each and every page of your website?

9. If you have them, are your online forms short and asking for only the needed information, not a bunch of junk? (i.e. name, company name, address, phone number, email address?)

10. Do you have a process in place so your website inquiries get followed up on quickly?

If your keeping score give yourself a point for each yes you can answer to. If you are a 6 or below you had better get to work on your site. You’re missing some web action.

Larson Notes & Satire: It seems every day I am doing something to help get my site ranking higher and higher. Post a blog. Do an online key word string search. Ask people to look for my site or got to it and give it a hit. Website rankings don’t come by accident, but hard work. You can pay for clicks or pay to get in the pink area of a word search. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about getting you up there with no, zero money. It can be done.

And just in case you want a little help in finding quick places to improve on go to . PearAnalytics is a tool which is easy to use, and provides fast results concerning important SEO factors. Unlike most tools you can find to help you, PearAnalytics provides solutions to improving these factors in seconds at no cost.

If you need help call me and I will charge you to do it. I am only telling you, if you have the time and the patience you can do it all on your own. But it does take perseverance. If I can do it, anyone can.

Today on Google in a keyword sting of “telesales for printers” one of my sites was the 1, 2 and 3 listings. Go on see for yourself.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
Target Marketing & Telesales Professionals for new account acquisition
Making good businesses great and great businesses even better

P.S. We make telesales for small business affordable by offering programs down to only 15 hours a week. Maybe you could add telesales into your marketing mix call today and find out.

P.P.S. An American Company, marketing American Companies! Call or email to get an appointment to pick my brain (a $125.00 value) for 30 minutes.

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