Web Ranking: More Than a Good SEO Program

In the “Old Days” we would do a SES (Search Engine Submission) on a site once every 15 and/or 30 days and get a company listed higher up on the Search Engines. It worked, and it worked quite well.

But now it’s not your father’s SEO. New things such as Google’s caffeine are changing the way Search Engines do business. News, paid advertising, shopping coupons feeds, and of course Social Media all are playing a larger, bigger role in ranking.

There are Basic Search Starting Points to be aware of. A few things that have traditional giving consistent Search Engine Optimization Strong content, good keyword density, keywords in title and meta tags (Don’t believe people when they way meta tags don’t count anymore) link building (both inbound and outbound).

As it sits today from up in my ivory tower looking down on the snow filled landscape of my office window, there is nothing more important in today’s SEO that a good Social Media presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Merchant Circle, Nings, Yelp, can and do play a major part in what happens to your Web Sites rankings. But it is not just a matter of throwing up your shingle and twitting away. Social Media and SEO marketing can strengthen each other or destroy what you are trying to do. A solid Social Media campaign engages and interacts with your friends and fans that improves your over all organic listings and strengthens your inbound linking possibilities.

If you set your Social Media profiles up correctly, you need to pay attention to use your key words as well as making this a source of inbound links to your Web Site. Additionally if you do it right, your Social Media sites start to crowd out your competition in a key word search page Now there is a beautiful thing, less room for your competition, and let me tell you it is a major coup when you own 4.5 or 6 or the whole first page of a key word organic search.

As we push to get to the top so too are the Search Engines looking at even more changes. Your sites history, change activity, site hits. As scary as it is, no two searches from any given 2 or 3 computers will produce the same results.

Yet, if you keep using good basic SEO concepts you will have some success. If you go into hyper drive with your work in this area you can (and will) get top rankings. I can only use myself as an example. In fighting the Big Dog Telemarketing Companies my site with certain key word stings such as “Telesales for printers” gets top ranking in Yahoo, Google and Bing.

What is your target market, narrow nitch it and go out own it!

Larson Notes & Satire: Now that I said this let me tell you something else. Things are going to change. No I have no hot line into the board room of Google, Yahoo or Bing. They are not telling me what is coming down. I am reactionary like everyone else, just trying to keep on top of the wave. Yes get out those old Beach Boy albums and play a few surfer songs. Ride the waves baby!

Now if you think I am too nonchalant about this, don’t mistake my words. I take it very seriously but keep in mind to win I also treat it as a game, a game I am winning and intend to keep on winning.

I may knock on your door and ask if you want to play. If you want to play with me (and I will take your money) I will get you results if you do it my way or you can do it yourself. Either way Just Do It!

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
Target Marketing & Telesales Professionals for new account acquisition
Making good businesses great and great businesses even better


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