1. Vacillation ... Vacillation is, literally, "insanity".  It's truly not healthy to stay in this state too long. It's OK to vacillate once in awhile but, reduce, reduce, REDUCE your periods of vacillation.
  2. Optimism ... If you can see, why not seek to see the best things you can see? If you can see the best things once, why not seek to see the best things, more than once? Repeatedly ... endlessly ... ad infinitum?
  3. Indifference ... Indifference is for robots.  All robots have limited vision.  If you're not a real robot, be firm in the vision you're seeking to see... 
  4. Pessimism ... What business of yours is pessimism? Pessimism is an insult to your birth and to the people who helped deliver you to life.  Any of us can visit the state of pessimism but, it's in our greatest interest to leave pessimism as quickly as we'd want to leave Death Valley.

Thus, in communicating essential packages of information about yourself, it all boils down to VOIP:  "Vacillation and Optimism over Indifference and Pessimism "

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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