U.S. Is World's Biggest Source Of Spam (Those annoying emails are coming from right here)

While many, many, MANY people still blame Nigeria for scams and spam, isolating Nigeria as the main source of spam is trying to solve spam based only upon reputation and not on fact.  Take a look at this post for Consumer Affairs:



It shows that the USA is the biggest source of spam...



Spam originates where there are the most infected computers, and according to Sophos, that's the United States. Here is the complete ranking:

1. USA (18.83%)

2. India (6.88%)

3. Brazil (5.04%)

4. Russia (4.64%)

5. UK (4.54%)

6. France (3.34%)

7. Italy (3.17%)

8. S. Korea (3.01%)

9. Germany (2.99%)

10. Vietnam (2.79%)

11. Romania (2.25%)

12. Spain (2.24%)

Rest of the world (40.17%)..."


So, while we may *FEEL* better by castigating countries like Nigeria, it's not an effective means of truly addressing the spam problems we face on Ning, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and elsewhere...

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