Update on Hope For Women and Children of Southern Sudan

I had some incredible offers to help Teresa with her website and website hosting. Thank you so much. I'm always moved by the kindness and generosity of others.

In the meantime, I have a rudimentary page up on Facebook. Go there and become a fan!


Also, I received an email from Teresa today. She had been to the library so she could access the internet. I had emailed her a link to the blog story so she would know what the internet world was doing to get her message out. This is her email reply. Once again in her own words.

Dear Cindy

I read your email and my life story. It is weldeful (wonderful) job you done for me also you done so much for me already. Cindy I know the difficult time you face right now. I didn't know how you gatting up midnight and set doing all great job. Cindy you can't see my face, heart yesterday when read this message.

Cindy if you see now, you can see happyness in my face. Thank Cindy for adding me in your heart to be one of your family and best friends you had in your life. May our father God be with you.

Best Teresa

Cindy please foreword message Kevin who donate his time to offer hosting services free of charge for hwcss. Thanking You Kevin

Yeah, I know...dry your eyes again. This woman has a wonderful way with words. In a subsequent email to the generous Kevin, she told him if she had a tail, she'd wag it. It should be noted that Kevin was first to offer web services, but we've also had offers from the lovely Laura, the lovely Vicki and the lovely Rachel. We'll figure it out.

So thanks once again. I have AMAZING friends which makes you Teresa's AMAZING friends.

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