Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!

Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!

You read it right, there are actually companies out there who are putting up signs or including in

their job descriptions that the “unemployed need not apply”.

How pathetic, how disgusting, how wrong. The bad part is because the unemployed are not a

Protective class, there is nothing that can be done about it. Now of course if the company must

Comply with OFCCP(see my posting on OFCCP), then there are some ramifications. I mean no

Company is going to be able to prove that being currently employed is essential to the duties of any

job. That said it does not help the millions of really good candidates who are not employed through

no fault of their own.

Well I hope those unethical companies are ready, because if a growing group of senators have their

way the unemployed will be a protected class, and there will be allot of companies who will be in

big trouble.

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