Two options for sharing your discounts on Brandergy Discounts

First Option:
1. Go to group's homepage at:
2. Go to section labeled “Discussion Forum”
3. In that section look for a green + sign with “Start Discussion”
4. Click “Start Discussion”
5. In the “Start a New Discussion” section you’ll find the following 4 labels”
a. Discussion Topic
b. Post
c. Tags
d. Attach File(s)

In the “Attach File(s)” section you can upload up to 3 files associated with your post.

Second Option:
1. Go to group's homepage at:
2. Find the section labeled "Add a Comment" (It's located just under "Comment Wall")
3. Post your discount in the "Add a Comment" section

Try it in some of our other great groups, too! :-)


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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