Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Not Move My Linking Power Forum From Ning

With its movement to an exclusively premium-based site, over the past year or so, many people have suggested that I move from Ning but, here are my:

Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Not Move My Linking Power Forum From

  1. is 3+ years old and has thousands of pages 
  2. The 5,000+ members are familiar with Ning 
  3. Members can now sign in with social media ID's from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  4. Members can more easily share their profiles and site's content with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  5. The 200+ sub-groups on could sustain loss of content structure, comments, discussions, videos, events, member associations, etc.
  6. Loss of member-centric relationships/friendships. (What platform could/would permit members to keep their current Ning-based relationships?)
  7. Ning friendships still carry from Ning site to Ning site. (If you're friends on one Ning site, you're friends on ALL Ning sites. Friendships matter.)
  8. If there is a platform superior to Ning's, I'd rather START A NEW SITE there rather than subjecting the membership to a mass move. (Few of us MOVE our PHYSICAL homes.)
  9. Moving a site costs more in time and new site construction than the $50.00 per month Ning charges at its highest premium level. So, if you make more than $50 per hour and it takes you more than 12 hours to move your Ning site, it makes sense to me to just stay on Ning.
  10. I DO NOT BEGRUDGE NING FOR GOING PREMIUM... though is running on one of the smallest possible budgets, I don't begrudge Ning for wanting to strengthen itself by asking us to pay for the sites which we value so that they can make more money...I wouldn't mind making more money, myself! (And, candidly, neither would YOU! :-) ) (Please NOTE: I do wish Ning had handled certain transitional matters MUCH better...the months of having us waiting in abeyance was quite costly to some of us...and many of us lost much needed momentum to compete for eyeballs...but...I do not begrudge Ning's overall direction of going premium)

But, just to be a bit balanced here, have you ever seen a site which has improved as a result of moving from Ning to another platform? (Seriously, I'd love to see analytics...)


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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