1. I remember the happiness and the breathless hopefulness and the heroism and the hope and the hope and the hope of FUTURE happiness
  2. I remember the thinker you were
  3. I remember the explorer you were
  4. I remember the lover of life you were
  5. I remember the lover of GOD and LOVE you were
  6. I remember the lover of physical strength you were
  7. And, pssst! I remember the lover of FOOD you were (We can now safely admit that we first loved our Grandmother BECAUSE of her German chocolate cakes, coconut cakes, sweet potato pies, lemon meringue pies, cherry pies, etc. ... :-) )
  1. I remember the suffocating, insane poverty which embraced you and those great ideals roaming around in that highly-optimistic head of yours
  2. I remember the mind-numbing ignorance which made light so difficult to enter or leave that "black hole" of a community which housed you and your idealism
  3. I remember the miasmic jealousy aimed at you for each instance of precociousness displayed by you
  4. I remember the unbrotherly guns and knives and sticks and stones and hands and fists and profane intentions aimed at you
  5. I remember the unbreathable smoke and the utterly unpalatable alcohol freely imbibed around you
  6. I remember the ridicule you were bathed in for exercising your body (nothing unusual about THAT mindset in the 50''s, 60's, 70's...)
  7. I remember the essential food for survival ... more than for health... which needed to be acquired (and HOW it was acquired)
  1. Why should we smoke the smoke that choked us ... and that choked the life out of our beautiful loved-ones? (Indeed, why blow smoke or any other harm at anyone else?)
  2. Why should we drink the drink that drowned and destroyed our loving loved-ones, those strong loved-one who first lighted up our world?
  3. Why should we aim to harm the lives of the children of those who created us and those who gave birth to us?
  4. Why should we jealously look with jaundiced eyes at the things any other person has ... when we haven't finished getting all that's already ours?
  5. Why should we be un-brotherly to any being being brotherly towards us?
  6. Why should we not exercise and exercise and exercise the body which still houses us? ("At Least I Can Exercise" ("ALICE"))
  7. Why not, when possible, eat for survival, joy, AND health? (Why waste ANYTHING not deserving of being "waste"?)

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Comment by Vincent Wright on November 30, 2015 at 9:24am

Excellent, Jessan ...  and, yes, I do believe there are many more "Yeses" on their way ... and, though it may take a few minutes longer to get to them, even a few STRONG "Yeses" may be on their way...! :-) #EnduranceMatters

Comment by Vincent Wright on November 29, 2015 at 11:12am

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW, Jessan!

What a beautiful girl you were!!! :-) 

And what a blessed man your husband is! :-) 

This is an ENDLESSLY EXQUISITE statement, Jessan: "When all they can reply is, "Yes."  I smile "




#KeepSTRONG ... #DanceOn ... (For LOTS and LOTS and LOTS more "YESes" on their way...)

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