You’re out there web site, email, blogging working every cross channel you can think of, so does the war horse of marketing, a direct mail piece fit in? Effective cross channel practices require personalization and a means to capture and track purchases and preferences to the intended nitch. Businesses who want to promote events, sales or services should be taking advantage of what only mail can bring, A non-electric way to get your message in front of a customer. Yes that’s right no internet, just your mailer in their box. You want to put on a big Easter Promotion? Put some bunnies and Easter eggs on a postcard with your promotion and mail it. Want to attach your company to the Pro American feelings put some flags on a mailed brochure and aim your attack for Flag Day or Memorial Day weekend. Make it good enough and it might get put on the refrigerator door (with an ad specialty magnate you provided?)

Larson Notes & Satire: Not everyone is on the internet. Those that are still get mail. And those electric messages get deleted but a post card mailer? A mailed brochure does not always go right into the bucket. Yet even if it does they need to look at it as they drop it in. Even if you love your internet campaign go on and put your web site address on your mailer. But DON’T ever forget your address and phone number. They might just stop by and buy something.

Howard Larson

Larson & Associates

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