The Telluride Wine Festival 2018 with the French Champagne & Burgandy 'Lincet Cheese' was a Hug Success

38th Telluride Wine Festival Colorado was a huge success


French Lincet cheese at Telluride Wine Festival


The Telluride Wine Festival has been restructured with a change of the Constitution (Statutes) in order to represent a wider variety of events, and including the participation of local artisans and traders with Made In Colorado products, and the best wines from North America, Uruguay, Argentina, Western Europe and Asia, New Zealand and Australia wines.


The 2018 Festival has been overbooked at the point that we refused more than 1200 entries. More than 7,000 visitors attended the SWF 2018 including wine lovers, winemakers, sommeliers Charlie Arturaola and SWF Christopher Sawyer sommelier (wines events director).

Why is the Wine Festival becoming more popular? Festival director Laurel Robinson says, “We are now confirming after five years what kind of people come to the Festival to attend the many conferences, tastings, including 'Lincet' cheese from Champagne and Burgundy, and we know what they really like. So we can prepare the 2019 edition with positive enthousiam and excellent results."

Like the popular Brunch on Main Street Main Street that once again hosted guests with tables, tents so that volunteers, renowned chefs and sommeliers can work in an idyllic convivial ambience setting with confidence.


Each year, some of the most wanted events are Winegrower's Lunches. Thursday afternoon lunch, hosted by Sheridan Chop House, Bright Dining Room, Historic with windows guarded by Chef James Beaux (top chef-owner of 5 East Coast restaurants), he gave 6 classes, each of them paired with  Lincet cheese & wine (classic varietals grapes from each of 6 distinctive wine cellars).

This year we hosted a new film "The Duel Of Wine" a 60-minute film (Italian-Argentina) with filmmaker Nicolas Carreras from Buenos Aires with actor Charlie Arturaola, world-renowned sommelier his wife Pandora Anwyl, (@PandoraWines). Charlie is also a wine educator, a judge at the Mondial de Bruxelles (United Nations Fine Wines Competition) Brussels. He is also a distinguished member of the American Sommelier Association. This film was broadcast and also thrown on the big screen in the TWF 2018.  

Fifty wine cellars of international renown provided the main tastings of wines from different grapes-varieties ( from different countries and continents) of the whole world including old Asia, New Zealand grapes. Those have a well known international reputation.

The pairing French Burgundy cheese Lincet with a designated origin of dairy breeds milk from wines and champagne produced in winegrowing only from traditional vine varieties and different wines of the world to the Festival.

Like other annual events, Telluride volunteers have contributed to this year's huge success. The Telluride Wine Festival thanks them for their generosity and very professional work.

This year we got some useful feedback that will help to improve the next 2019 edition. One participant commented that he had attended the last 8 Festivals and Telluride Wine Festival and "2018 was the best".

With the Lincey and the slogan “The Taste of Real Cheese since 1895"


This year 2018 Telluride Wine Festival presented the Lincet cheese from Burgundy (Bourgogne is a historical region in France. It's famous for its Burgundy wines as well as pinot noirs and Chardonnay, Chablis and Beaujolais. The area is crisscrossed by a network of canals and studded with grand châteaux, some now luxury hotels. The capital, Dijon, of mustard fame, is home to the imposing Palace of the Dukes, where the distinguished “Musée des Beaux-Arts” was established in 1787).


This cheese is ideal for tasting and pairing with wine. It is a historical cheese cow's milk cheese produced in France since 1895. Located in the heart of Burgundy where the traditions of the region's cheesemakers Champagne and Burgundy. 

The recipes left were always the same. A respect of the tradition that produce the Chaource (easily found in the US market USA) Chaource is a village in  "Région Grand Est (East County) of France (the Champagne region) and its protected AOC since 1970 and nowadays (since 1996) AOP which guarantees as long as the milk comes from the designated region that the cheese is made according to strict production guidelines, specific are the best allies to make high quality cheeses every day. Chaource PDO, Balances PDO cheese, Brillat-Savarin IGP, Soumaintrain IGP, Pleasure of Burgundy. Synonymic cheeses with French ripening taste. It is marketed also in Europe and in the whole world.


Telluride Wine Festival Director, Chris Sawyer and fellow sommelier Charlie Arturaola presented to the tasters and visitors the "Chaource" at room temperature accompanied by Gosset and Laurent Perrier champagnes during the Telluride Wine Festival conferences, tastings and meals and the public greatly appreciated it. Lincet cheeses are quite affordable and easy to find at US gourmet shops, or online.

For more information: 

Fromagerie Lincet | 15 rue de la Quenneville  - 89100 SALIGNY

Tél (standard): 0033. - Fax: 0033.  


Fromagerie Lincet


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