Today I went with a group of leaders to give back to those who have given so much...we took valentines to people in nursing homes all over Houston.
What a joy it was to see their smiles when the kids broight them valentines and a small bag of be able to spread a little cheer to those who aren't able to get out as much now but have given so much all their lives.
Throughout the time, I heard one common line.."I'm not from Houston but my (fill in the blank) does and I know if I didn't move here, I wouldn't see them again."
Let that sink in.
100+ people ..mostly women and all over the age of 70 moving to a city they do not know just so they will get 20 min a month with one person they love...
We talk every day about successful leaders and how much they charge per hour to help you be great but, you see, these old ladies value only one thing...time with those they love.

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