Once you have written a great post, (that is the hard part) it is relatively easy to post it on LinkedIn now.

After Vincent bugged me a few times to get started, I finally wrote my first post there today.

The layout was easy, because I had already written it in my own editorial system, with subheadings, italicized quotes, a few indents and two relevant links to Wikipedia entries. If I hadn't done that, it would have been just as easy, using the LinkedIn control buttons to set italics, bold, indents and various heading levels.

The only thing that caused a problem was an image I created. It was 700 pixels wide and although I could resize it and see it in the LinkedIn editor, when I used the preview feature, it didn't display - and I tried it about 6 times. So I deleted the picture, saved a version resized to 280 pixels wide, using a slightly different name, and uploaded that at the end of the story. I saved it and previewed, and there it was - so I just moved it from the bottom to the top using drag and drop, and it worked.

Here is my story, if you'd like to see and share it.


Now it is over to you to brand yourself. Let me know when you add your story and I will help share it.

Thank you for nudging me to get it done, Vincent.

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Comment by Vincent Wright on July 18, 2014 at 11:46am

WONDERFUL to see, Alan!  #KUDOS!!

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