The unmotivated person is never the best person. Nor is the unmotivated community, neighborhood, company, school, playground, or child.

How can the unmotivated help ANYONE?

But what is beyond the reach of the motivated?

I am a networker.

Yet, how can I be a networker without being a motivator?

All real networkers are givers, givers motivators.

For what are givers' gifts other than motivation to drive us forward towards a greater future than we'd have without those gifts?

How can I motivate you towards the future if I myself can't feel the magnetic pull of the future's siren call towards a greater, richer, fuller, happier, more energized life?

Motivation is life's energy.

Life's energy, without pointing forward, will make noise, implode, self-destruct.

That blast from the past is no longer good enough.

The future must grab our hearts with the twin forceps of purpose and passion, alluring us towards the magic life embedded in the future, home to the greatest excellence we can produce.

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