The Glue to being a successful recruiter!!

The Glue to being a successful recruiter!!

Organization and Planning are the glue!!- You must know how to organize and plan your time effectively. As an example one of the biggest problem recruiters have is finding time to source. This is most true of corporate recruiters who get sucked into all sorts of things. Well simply put sourcing time on your calendar for everyday. This guarantees you time to source. However, do not just stop there. Go in with a plan. Know your openings and have them prioritized. Set a number of candidates you want to find for a given opening on a weekly basis. Do your sourcing at the time you set forth, but follow your plan. If you have 50 openings, and you have decided 5 for each a week is good, then use your sourcing time to find your 5 great candidates for the first opening and then move on to the next. This ensures you will find candidates for all your openings, and usually will leave you some time left. Most recruiters I know, when they do source get so caught up in one opening, by the time their sourcing time is done, they have only sourced for one opening and have numerous more they have done nothing with. Remember organization and planning is the glue that helps a recruiter be successful.

Please keep in mind the 50 req number was an example, I wanted a hard one. I can tell you first hand that you can handle 50 reqs, make hires, have time for blogs, and more if you are organized and have a plan. Also keep in mind this is geared more toward corporate recruiters. Although in my time in the agency world utilizing planning and being organized allowed me to handle a large number of reqs, make plenty of hires, and still do everything else. So it can work either way

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