The Future of Social Job Descriptions and branding..DIAL!!

The Future of Social Job Descriptions and branding..DIAL!!

In the world of Social media, we as staffing professionals need to be smart. We need to find ways to reach out target audience within the confines of the social media sphere. Social media is mainly 3 styles of communication; written (twitter etc), pictorial (Pinnterest etc), and video (Vimeo etc). The question is how do we do it. How do we run a campaign that can hit all 3, and also accomplish the idea of finding possible candidates and branding ourselves correctly?

The answer is DIAL, which stand for “Day in a Life”. Basically what DIAL is, is a way in which you utilize word, pictures and video to explain what a “day in a Life” of a given person performing a given job at a company. Think of a “day in the Life” as a written, almost diary like statement of what a typical day in the life of a professional at your company is like. For example you would write what a day in a life of a PM (program manager) is at a given company. You would perhaps have a picture of a meeting they might attained, a snap shot of their calendar of a given day, showing meetings, showing appointment that might show not only work , but work life balance. You might even record a message from this PM about what his job is about. In the end you make it clear you are looking for others like this PM. Now obviously you will want to choose a PM who is well connected, lots of LinkedIn connections, twitter followers, someone who blogs to maximize things.

Once all the above is done, you can now post on LinkedIn, post on your website, use the pictures for Pinterest, and the video for Vimeo and more. It is a complete social staffing strategy, that brands the company, brands the job, and does it in the socialsphere.

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