THE BEST Way To Use Brandergy To Grow Your Network Without SPAMMING

On multiple occasions over the past couple of months, we've implored members not to stamp the same message over and over and over on other members' profiles. Other members have been complaining about this practice. Indeed, it's a bad practice. I've personally sent out at least half a dozen messages to Brandergy asking members to refrain from the practice.

A few quick points which are better ways to use Brandergy to grow your network without having to spam other members' profiles:

1. If you, as a member, want to communicate a private message, there are ample functions on Brandergy to do so. (If you aren't familiar with them, please ask.)

2. If you, as a member, want to grow your personal networks, we've created 200+ groups to help you. However, the only way to get help in growing your network via those groups is to participate in them - introduce yourself, make RELEVANT comments. (If you need help finding relevant groups, please ask.)

3. In addition, each member of Brandergy has a private blog with which you can introduce yourself and your EXPERTISE to the whole Brandergy community. (Again, if you need help blogging via your personal page, please just ask for help.)

We hope you'll use to really strengthen your professional network, the RIGHT WAY...

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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