The Américan grapes varieties that are forbidden in France and so the wine that they produce since 1934th

When Emile Emile Cassez, Minister of Agriculture during seventh months (from 8 November 1934 to 1st June 1935), suggests cutting some grapes varieties in 1934, “90% of the Congressmen in the French Hemicycle had never heard to talk of these varietals grapes, called in French grapes varietals”. The vote took place the 24th of December, namely the day before Christmas. Let’s just say that the French Deputies in the Paris French Hemicycle (Congressmen) rushed to go and vote urgently in order to get their new Law voted. Their chauvinism, jingoism makes them very pushy…

Then, the Isabelle grape variety (vine) that resists very well to diseases and parasites during flowering and it is not sensitive to mildew. This is the first choice in order to cut the green grass to all American grapes varieties disappear from France and come all the hybridisation from the American vines: Noah, Othello and Clinton.

This choice confirms the insult make to our French winegrowers' although the original report of Law do not strive to meet further on and winegrowers need with an uncertain future. However, the unlike thought in the program was: the pressure of the chemicals factories is real because the Aramon (Based in the South of France), for example, produces abundantly but needs a lot of chemicals treatments, and was not forbidden even nowadays. And to support their decisions, the French Deputies (Congressmen) assure that the wines from these varietals grapes drive “crazy and blind”. Their production of methyl alcohol would be too high. Legend, rumour or truth, whatever it is, they are forbidden! In France when you want to kill your dog, you accuse him of rabies!

But if you count well, two are missing: Jacquez and Herbemont. According to Pierre Galet, it could be a politic move. Then, the majority of Macron Deputies votes the ban of Jacquez, ubiquitous vine in the Vaucluse department. Likewise for Herbemont, important grape variety of Aude County 11000, Albert Sarault's department, old and future Council’s President too. So, among the 6 grapes varieties, 2 are banned to…annoy the opposition. Then, the French has to declare, deliberately, their production and snatch it. We estimate the production of these varietals at 3 million hectolitres (it means 60 000 hectares) in 1934, then 2 million in 1938 and 220 000 in 1945. So, the politicians are glad of their success and the good faith of the French until the shock of 1953. A land register is organised. As a result: more than 60 000 hectares of forbidden grapes varietals are found. Nothing was snatched since 1934. Actually, apart from the personal production, these wines were sold to the black market during the Occupation because, in that restriction period, the main thing was to drink and to eat.
But everything changes in the 1960s. A Minister of the Finance, a certain Valery Giscard d’Estaing, encourages the wrenching with a bonus of 150 000 francs. But a letter from his Inspector of Finance triggers a rebellion. He explains that the farmers expose themselves to sanctions, that these grapes varietals produce a bad wine and are “relics of the past”. The Catholics religious rise up against this letter, think about an attack against the Church from the government and forbid to snatch. But even worse, they burn the Senator’s car of the Vendee and lock up him Something similar happened in January 2019 in The Aude Carcassonne with the "Gilets Jaunes'). A real Chuan’s revolt! They make a phone call to the Prefect to confirm that the Senator has to leave the area if he wants to see him alive! No death, he is released and this Senator will end as…Tour d’Argent’s sommelier Finally, Valery Giscard d’Estaing increases the fine to 300 000 francs (43.000 Euros) and the majority of the forbidden grapes varietals is snatched…or almost. Unfortunately, these grapes varieties are still forbidden in France!

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