Sourcing and searching the variables.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sourcing and searching the variables.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you read in my post on research, using that research to improve your

search strings and sourcing is very important. You will lock yourself into a very small pool of candidates if you do not use the variables.

variables = changeable-for purposes of sourcing it means another word or set of words that will garner the same type of candidates ex “HP Asset Manager” AND “Peregrine Asset Manager”. These two terms essential are the same since HP bought Peregrine and as a result it became “HP Asset Manager” instead of “Peregrine Asset Manager”. However some candidates will still list it as Peregrine instead of HP.

Peregrine is the variable when sourcing for “HP Asset Manager” as our research showed us that HP bought Peregrine and renamed its asset management product.

Almost every skill that you might look for has a variable or different name or phrase that can and will be used by candidates. If you do not search under these variables you will lose out on some great candidates.

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