Professional Testimonials for Developer Gerald Bailey

Aaron Garza

Vice President Of Sales At ProfitBricks U.S.A.

After knowing Gerald for 2 years I can comment that this gentlemen is a master project manager and well versed in the technology field. From CTO to developer, Gerald displays the utmost professionalism and positive attitude that make it pleasant to conduct business with. I would trust Gerald with any mission critical decision or solution.

Drue Placette

CEO, Startup Strategist, Veteran Technologist, Engineer, Sr. Solutions Architect

I have had the distinct pleasure over the last year to be able to work with and take advantage of Gerald’s vast technical knowledge and exceptional humanity. His compliance and technical/IT skills are superb, and very useful when tackling challenging projects. Gerald’s ability to think several steps ahead was crucial to the success of the ventures that we worked on together. His can-do attitude along with always upbeat attitude, and extensive technical knowledge, make him consistently a breath of fresh air. Suffice it to say that any organization that can count Gerald as a family member will be truly blessed.

Marty Reader

Strategy, Sales And Marketing Consultant

Gerald led our SaaS Platform IT/Dev team for 4 years through a massive rebuild and scale expansion and redundancy builds. Gerald took over leadership after several years of poor architecture and UX delivery and undertook a complete platform retooling.We were “agile” to the max with weekly code releases and a re-build during a 2 year period 300% growth. Gerald did a great job managing our domestic dev team, and our off-shore (Vietnam) team through this multi-year intense effort. He was a great team player, taught us all what was “better and best” teaching us not only what can be done, but delviering innovative solutions to our customer needs. He maintained morale on his team over a long, heavy workload duration. It will be a pleasure if I have a chance to work with Gerald again.

John Bowden

Solutions Delivery Project Manager At CLEAResult

I worked directly on Gerald’s team as a Project Manager at Snakehead Software, and in a career spanning nearly 30 years I have never worked with such a fearless, visionary and passionate leader. Gerald’s exceptional aptitude in technology and business is surpassed only by his unflagging positive attitude and his inability to see any issue as a problem, only an opportunity.

Gerald has the uncanny ability to carry three top priorities at once; the business, the technology and the people. He uses this ability to great effect on a routine basis and encourages his staff to do likewise. He is a leader, a mentor and a trusted adviser.

Frank Zamani

President And CEO At Caspio

Gerald is an effective, knowledgeable and customer-friendly professional that brings excitement and energy to any team that he joins.

Napoleon Valdez

Director Of Professional Services

It was a pleasure working with Gerald Bailey at Caspio. His drive, enthusiasm, and energy in everything he does is something I have yet seen in anyone I worked with. This combined with his tenacious personality makes him the perfect coworker. He seemed omniscient in any topic related to web development. Gerald Bailey is someone I highly recommend for database, web, or iPhone application development.

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