In the old days, 11 years ago, we would put up a site, list out key works on the home page, pack in Meta tap key words and describing and then submit the site every 15-16 days. Those days and the revenue that they produced are gone. Did they work? Yes back then they did. But times have changed with things such as real time search, on-line pr & blogs and social media networks.

Keyword Use: We use to do all kinds of nasty things back in the 90’s and early 00’s. Things like using key words in every sentence of a home page, laying over clear type of nothing but key words that no one could see except the search spiders, those days and their tricks of the trade are dead as the Search Engines got more sophisticated and the algorithms matured over time. Heck now Google will actually penalize you for doing it. So what can you do instead? Try making your side and content for people not Search Engines, then you can go and use your keywords in areas of your web pages where they belong, like your Header, sub heads, tag lines etc and if these words and ideas are so important list them higher up on your page.

Blog: This is my or one of my favorite, like you could not have guessed. Many marketers still use this tool to drop in links as their main link strategy. Again Google introduced a no-follow link tag to tell its spiders to ignore a line and or devalue the lines in the comments. So how can you combat this? Rather than spamming your links produce a blog of value. Write something that people want to read. And with any luck you can have links from other people heading back to your page. If you can achieve these kind of news source links rather than self imposed linking, the search engine gods will value you, and your blog.

Search Engine Submission: Go on and do a search on all the companies still offering this service. (Putting up my hand I do, I do, I do). If you want to buy it will sell it, but why would you? Those days with the advent of Web 2.0 and twitter, Facebook and Network marketing have changed all that. Google and its ability to not only discover and then index new content is getting so advanced that SES is gone the way of the dinosaur. If you want to get out there and seen make links on the web. It was not so easy back in 1999 but now? Heck, twitter, or any other Social Media site will work, granted some more than others but they all work. I mention Twitter because twitter is literally crawled though by the search engines with the advent of real time search.

MetaTag Optimization: Again back in 1999 meta-tags were essential to getting your page listed and listed high. Heck, some people and companies actually went and put in competitors names in their meta-tag words to get listed in their competitions searches. Google is saying they don’t pay any attention to meta-tag key words. Ok so try using tags in your posts and pages to push up the usability and search ability of your page.

Link Exchanges: Here is was another very popular method to get ranked higher that we used in 1999. We even made web rings to get a serious of companies with a synergy or possibility of working together to link there and with reciprocal links to push up their web sites. The problem is was that we pushed link exchanges to intentionally influence the SE rankings which again Google did, does not like and now they penalize you for doing it. So what can you now do? Some sites offer testimonial links from valued customers and suppliers. Posting in on other peoples blogs forums and groups is another key way to work out this problem

Larson Notes & Satire: The Search Engine Industry like any other business is always changing. You need to be changing with it as do your ideas and (in this case) Web tactics. Stay away from the ideas of 1999, which will get you demoted and get real in your web activity.

If you need help in any of these areas we can help you, for a fee of course and heck I’ll through in a FREE search engine submission just for the fun of it.

Howard Larson

Larson & Associates

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Making good businesses great and great businesses even better


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