"Science OR Religion?" ... OR ... "Science AND Religion?" YOU Decide!

MY THOUGHTS ON THE *IMAGE* below which seeks to demonstrate science's superiority over religion. (I won't spend all day debating beyond the thoughts I just wrote so, based upon the image and based upon what I wrote, YOU decide! :-) )
Scientific thinkers should also realize that this is an IMAGE.
It is not science.
And, indeed, scientific thinkers should not let "science" off the hook so easily.
Science is not as innocent as that IMAGE may make it seem.
Things done in the name of science can kill even more people than things done in the name of religion.
The atomic bomb is not a religious bomb. It is a bomb built with science.
What religion could build the hydrogen bomb?
What religion could accurately point the scientifically built bombs on the scientifically located cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Did religion create A.I.D.S.? Or was it a scientist who created A.I.D.S.?
Which chemical weapon did religion create?
Which biological weapon did religion create?
Which religion polluted the world's air?
Which of you have been refreshed one iota by drinking this IMAGE?
Who, among you, would give this IMAGE to a thirsty child?
Is it religion, or science, which build guns which are killing humans all over this globe?
Is it religion, or science, which crams over 4,000 CHEMICALS into each cigarette killing our loved-ones?
Is it religion, or science, blinding us with the list of side-effects from the scientifically created drugs we're ingesting to our own detriment?
To say that all religion is 100% bad is like saying all science is 100% good. (You'd have to have a lot of "faith", a lot of "trust", a lot of "belief" to believe all science is 100% good...)
While science may be able to clean a glass of water, it took science to pollute the oceans covering 70+% of the Earth.
Religion nor science should be at each others' throats any more than you should be using your own hands to choke yourself.
No matter how much you may love atheism, it's a false argument to think that science and religion can't and don't get along.
Sloppy science is not one jot superior to sloppy religion.
And sloppy "scientific thinking" is not one jot superior to sloppy "religious thinking"



+Vincent Wright


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