Oh, the lessons, the lessons, the lessons I learned in relationship to the school buses I took!!!

Though I walked to school more often than not, I do remember the great importance of getting to the bus stop WHERE the bus would stop AND WHEN it would stop there!
Place and time and purpose were all driven home by my relationship to those school buses in the three succinct but, eternal lessons of 
  1. WHERE and
  2. WHEN and 
  3. WHY...
All easily come back to my mind and my heart from my meditations, my re-visitations on getting THERE on TIME ... ELSE ... LOSE OUT ON WHAT I *DESPERATELY* WANTED!  And what I DESPERATELY WANTED was to uphold my deeply understood and DEEPLY FELT responsibility of getting to school ON TIME to learn the lessons I loved to learn IN ORDER to live the life I prayed to live...
Now, finally, even to this day, all these decades later, my school bus lessons remind me TOO that, if having missed the bus, I MUST ALSO LEARN TO *STOP RUNNING AFTER THE BUS* I'VE MISSED...
 PEACE to you and your busing...
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+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
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