"Saving Mr. Banks" A Good Movie for Authors and Entrepreneurs - Review

If you are an author, aspiring author or entrepreneur I suggest that you will enjoy this movie recounting the film rights negotiations between P.L. Travers who penned the popular "Mary Poppins" books and the quintessential manufacturer of childhood fantasy,entrepreneur Walt Disney.

"Saving Mr. Banks" has some historical inaccuracies but we have come to expect that from Hollywood. After all it is a place where dreams are made.

More importantly it is a story about the relationship that authors have with their characters. The truths they tell and the realities they attempt to reinvent. The movie should have you considering the personal relationship you have with your characters. What do your characters mean to you. Are they "family".

For entrepreneurs you might ask yourself how patient and understanding are you in your negotiations when you really want the thing you are after? Are you willing to work steadily for nearly 20 year to get what you want? Do you try to understanding the other person's point-of-view and what is holding them back from making a decision in your favor?

On the other hand when someone wants what you have, how eager are you to capitulate? Can you hold out and fight for your vision? Does it make sense? Do you even know why you are doing what you are doing?

The portrayals of Walt by Tom Hanks and Mrs. Travers by Emma Thompson are as good as you would expect from two fine actors. Plus they are backed by a superb cast of notable supporting actors who all seem to enjoy being in this film and each of whom make the most of their minor roles.

Though the conflict is largely a story of clashing personalities between the two central characters,  Disney movie makers do what they do best, making this film visually interesting with flashbacks of Travers childhood in Australia as well as vintage recreations of Los Angels and Disneyland in the 1960's. They even manage to skillfully interject a few of the popular musical numbers.

The closing credits were brilliant and had the theater audience in their seats to the end. If you are a fan of "Mary Poppins" Travers or Disney so much the better. I was not exactly sure what to expect and by the end thought "Saving Mr. Banks" was Supercali. . . well you know what I mean.

Review by Reno Lovison for AuthorsBroadCast.com

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