Response to “Let the American People See” by Don Campbell

Congress has a long history of excluding itself from the laws and rules it enacts for everyone else. It is time to end that practice in its entirety. It is not acceptable to enact laws of the type “Do what I say, not what I do”. If Congress is not willing to abide by its own laws, how can it expect the rest of America to? What message does that convey to our citizens, especially our children?

Exemptions from such laws as the Minimum Wage ……

I am not a ‘liberal’, nor a ‘conservative’, I make decisions based on the merits of each situation. I wish we could dispose of labels and all make decisions that are ‘right’, not “right” or “left”. Whether "right" or "left", it isn't 'right'. Only what is "right" is right.

Basically, Congress should not be treated any differently than the rest of us. Further, they should be held accountable to their constituents. Every member of Congress’ votes on every item (except for items that involve national security – perhaps additional categories but these should be decided by Congress and subject to public scrutiny) brought before Congress should be reported and the public should be allowed to question the member on their vote.

What's your take?

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