Would you agree that many studies about joy and engagement in the workplace have a common thread?

Employees send the solid message that the number one quality they’re looking for is a leader is a “good listener”.  We can do this by being quiet and listening but, also by asking excellent questions. Being the person with all the answers, is really old school.  If you do not know the questions to ask I know being a good listening will help you learn how to ask good questions. When you truly listen, you increase engagement, which is always a first step toward  trust. There are many more actionable steps  you can learn in a leadership style of a people-first professional and I guarantee it is how you sustain a professional relationship with staff and colleagues.

 “What could I learn from my employees and colleagues if I took the time to listen?” is an outstanding question to begin to set your mind on a journey of learning.

What have you found to be effective in leading with listening?  What obstacles have you overcome? 

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