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P = Problem (There's no need to get together online or off if there is no problem to address. Thus, keeping the problem you're here to address foremost in mind is supremely important to the success of your meeting. (Governance of this should belong primarily to the Meeting Planner|Organizer|Administrator|Manager))


L =
Layout (Too often, Meeting Managers who are expertly familiar with the layout of their virtual software can forget that new users are always joining in, seeing it for the first time. So, it's important to remember to briefly introduce the most critical fundamental components of the layout of the meeting room in the first few minutes of each meeting.)


A =
Agenda (Tell members what the agenda of the meeting is, help the participants stick to the agenda, and, where appropriate, close with a review of the agenda for your meeting. (Though the review of the agenda items may seem like an insignificant matter, I'd like to strongly encourage you to consider the educational|business value of doing so in all your virtual meetings.)


Z =
Zoom (Unusual word isn't it?  But, consider how often you use the zoom on your camera and computer in shaping your view of images which you want to bring into better focus. Some matters in meetings need a more macrocosmic viewing (zoom out), some need a more microcosmic viewing (zoom in). Those agenda items which need broader observation or closer inspection could be converted into future virtual meetings.)


A =
Accomplishments (Remember, we began our Top 5 Things with the "Problem" concept.  Thus, EACH and EVERY meeting should accomplish something towards EACH and EVERY Problem on the meeting agenda.)


Here's hoping that " P.L.A.Z.A." will help you get the most our of your virtual meetings....*


Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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