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Video News Release: Announcement - Brain Management celebrating anniversary with offer for ZOX Pro Training

Executives, entrepreneurs and students can now get an edge over their peers by developing their photographic memory, brain health and stamina in the powerful new ZOX Pro Training, a synergistic system of whole brain learning and holistic life improvement including seminars, resources and 1-on-1 coaching, from industry leaders, Brain Management.

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Brain functions accessed by certain proven techniques are creating great interest. Executives, CEOs, employees and students are making gains with their occupations and studies employing innate mental abilities that are normally neglected. The techniques involved are natural and users do not need brain enhancing drugs to mentally outperform their peers.

The list of benefits from using natural brain functions are extensive and include photographic memory (eidetic memory), information gathering and retrieval, increasing brain health and stamina, and production of complex neural structure and integrity.

This provides real world results in high speed learning, performance, stress reduction, decision making, communications, peripheral vision, testing, insights, creativity, awareness, mental agility, and intuition. Data accumulation rates can easily be in excess of 100,000 words per minute with retention for life.

Dr. Richard Welch, the "Father of Mental Photography", and Dr. Shannon Panzo have spent over 40 years teaching, researching, and developing the scientific principles of brain research for people to benefit every day of their lives. Their collaboration has provided many insights into the unlimited capabilities of the brain, finding easy-to-use methods which achieve remarkable results.

The doctors agree: "Brain Management is all about people from top to bottom. The brain cannot be separated from the person - the two must be treated as one."

Their Brain Management techniques super-excite all levels of consciousness simultaneously and provide whole brain balance. This triggers an elevated level of neuroplasticity to occur, building the brain at a phenomenal rate making the brain stronger and resilient against degradation. This activity far exceeds the ordinary brain exercises of crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

This method supercharges the photographic memory to enhance performance everywhere in life, reducing stress, increasing performance and decision making, elevating vocabulary and knowledge, and significantly increases health and well-being. Using a few of their easy-to-master synergistic techniques means a person can gain 100 times the results than using the same techniques separately.

To be intelligent, go to to secure ZOX Pro Training for whole life enhancement. ZOX Pro Training can be purchased at HERE.

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