“P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N.” Year-Round Resolutions

P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N.

Year-Round Resolutions...

While no one can guarantee success and while sometimes we just have to repeat and repeat and repeat our resolutions until they become "easy reality" for us, I choose to believe each of us can come closer to success if we begin all our professional relationships with our year-round optimism set on "P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N."

"P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N." optimism represents the resolutions I offer those with whom I work and with whom I network and can best be expressed as:

Planning – A planned year is better than an unplanned one. And it's the same with business relationships. I resolve to plan my work and my success with you. (Resolution #1)

Elation – Elation is the height of relationships. Elation is the tone and the tune to which I will set my relationship with you. My "Elationships" start and are maintained as close to 10 as possible. I resolve to give you strong reasons to be elated about our working together. (Resolution #2)

Results – Results matter. Having relationships without getting results equals misery. I resolve to work as intelligently and as resourcefully as I can to get the best results I'm capable of producing for you. (Resolution #3)

Faith – Faith matters. Faith in one another helps you and me to cover more ground more effectively and with less stress. You get your results faster when we have faith in one another. I resolve to work to keep the faith you've express in me. (Resolution #4)

Effort. People who don't believe in effort, don't get results. I'm honored when I get results. I'm shamed when I don't get results. Therefore, I resolve to put in the extra effort to get the results you and I have decided to pursue. (Resolution #5)

Concentration. Without concentration, effort is wasted. Wasted effort is wasted energy. Wasted effort and wasted energy leaves you poor. Concentration literally means to stay "within the circle". All work I do for you will be circled on my calendar until it is completed. Therefore, I resolve to concentrate on my work for you until I get the results you need. (Resolution #6)

Talk. I will talk with you. I intend that most of my conversations with you will be positive. But positive or negative, I resolve to talk with you, asking for your help if needed, and keeping you informed about significant obstacles as well as noteworthy progress. (Resolution #7)

Truth. What good would all of the above and any of the below do if our work is not grounded in truth??? Truth takes strength. Truth takes caring. It takes energy. Commitment. Sometimes it can be draining to tell the truth. But be that as it may, I insist, from myself ,to give you all the truth you have a right to know. I resolve to tell you the truth about our project. (Resolution #8)

Efficiency. Efficiency has been in style and it has been out of style. Waste is guaranteed to happen when efficiency is out of style. To keep it from going out of style, however, efficiency must be looked at as part of a whole system. Sometimes though, efficiency must be subordinated to getting things done at the right time. At all other times however, I resolve to be as efficient in my work for you as is within my power. (Resolution #9)

Networking. Networking is about nurturance. If your network and your networking aren't nurturing you, what good are they? This is an odd bit of truth - but I want to nurture those who turn to me for business. I don't want to get boxed in to old business concepts just because they've been in practice for years and years and years. But I also don't want to work with anyone that I can't take pride in introducing to my network, the people I care about. I believe that introducing you to my network will help you and my network and me by helping me to have more hands and minds to get things done for you. If the people in my network know you, they're more likely to help you. (This is a neural networking approach to consultative work and it's about integrating life into the work we do for business.) If I work for you, I resolve to help you grow, to help you prosper by introducing you to my network for your nurturance. (Resolution #10)

I wish you and all my network of friends the best of the best as we pursue a "P.E.R.F.E.C.T. T.E.N."!!

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!! 

+Vincent Wright

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Comment by Vincent Wright on March 22, 2010 at 8:27pm
Thanks kindly, Nandi...Great to have you here with us. As always, if I can be of help to you and your networking efforts, let me know at your convenience, ok?

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