Not asking for enough, you must not be good enough!!

Not asking for enough, you must not be good enough!!

As most of you know, I have written several blogs about the ridiculous things that hiring managers (HM), and recruiters use to discount candidates. Things like hopping, being out of work to long, knowing someone who knows someone etc. Well I recently heard of one that really takes the cake. Now there is a movement amongst HMs and recruiters, that if a candidate is not asking for enough money, they must not be very good, and a lot of HMs do not want to even review their information. I mean really, really. We are honestly now going to not consider people because they are not asking for enough, and yet we always ask for them to except less than what they want anyway. I do not see how anyone can use this and the other excuses for not talking to candidates and still complain there is a shortage.  I mean let’s see
Candidates is not asking for enough Candidate is asking for too much Candidate went to the wrong school Candidate did not have high enough GPA Candidate has been out of work to long Candidate has been someplace to long Candidate has been someplace not long enough Candidate has changed jobs too much Candidate is to good looking Candidate is not good looking enough Candidate is to alpha Candidate is not alpha enough ETC...
No wonder some of you think there is a shortage, you refuse to look at anyone. Here is an idea, can they do the job, and do they get along with everyone on the team. Let’s stop all the excuses and start looking for what matters.

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Comment by Vincent Wright on October 22, 2013 at 4:26pm

WOW! What a TITLE, Dean! (RE: "Not asking for enough, you must not be good enough!!") A community of professionals focused on brand strategy for brand energy.

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