NEW!! Room for your YouTube Channel on your Brandergy profile

Because you've made it clear to me that many of you use YouTube as part of your branding, I've added room for you to add your YouTube Channel to your profile on

To add your YouTube channel to your Brandergy profile, sign into and visit this link: 

Scroll down below "About Me" and you'll see several spaces for your key social media links, the last one is for your YouTube.

My social media links on now look like THIS (see how they look via my personal profile at:

Website (MARKET your primary site)
2nd Website (If you wish, MARKET your secondary site)
Facebook (Optional but, recommended)
Linkedin (Optional but, recommended)
Twitter (Optional but, recommended)
Google+ (Optional but, recommended)
Pinterest (Optional but, recommended)
Phone (Optional but, recommended)
Skype (Optional but, recommended)
YouTube Channel (Optional but, recommended)

PLEASE NOTE:  When adding links to your Brandergy profile, you DON'T NEED THE "http://"



+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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