Brain Management, Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and ZOXing

If you learned to read in the normal fashion, you may think I am telling you about a miracle - something too fantastic to consider as REAL. 

This is the way we are born

This is the Natural way we learn BEFORE we are taught to read.

Are you ready for a MIRACLE in your life?

If you have been following what I am telling you about, you have been hearing about Mental Photography, and are probably thinking, “What is Mental Photography?” Mind To Mind is pleased to give you this next section that goes into some detail about it. You brain stands to gain great abilities. It is up to me to reveal some of those mind-shattering truths. For your own mental health, please read on…


Ask yourself,…

“What can be BETTER than READING?”

How about 10,000% better than reading??

Would you like to

Assimilate information at least 100 times the average reading speed???

...With 100% retention for life????

...and 100 times the impact of reading…?????

You are intelligent... but LIMITED.

From Mind to Mind ( Please take the time to enjoy what this information holds for you. Many years of development have given us a product that we want to shout about from the highest mountains. Please read on…

Mental Photography is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious. It opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. As a learning tool, it allows people to assimilate information at 100 times the average reading speed with 100% retention for life. But, this is not limited to learning. More importantly, it opens a pathway to a part of the brain that has fantastic abilities.This part of the brain acts as a conduit to universal energy.

Brain Management

gives you the tools to take control of your life like never before.

A Mental Revolution – Brain Management

As the Information Age is fully realized by the information capacities of newest computers, the next step must be the “Mental Revolution”.To simply “keep up” is not good enough. Only by getting back to assimilating information as a small child would, can we ever hope to hold our own in today’s fast paced market. By achieving this with Brain Management Training, we can take a sufficient chunk out of the stress we endure.  Bstrengthening and toning the brain in this natural way, we can create a better, healthier, and happier life.

Q:  What is Mental Photography? 

A:  Everyone was born with this ability switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life.

Q:  Why don’t I use Mental Photography now?

A:  Reading is taught in opposition to Mental Photography. When you were taught to read, the ability was switched off. Reading does not work for everyone because it is NOT a natural ability.

Mental Photography IS natural.

Q:  Can I learn Mental Photography, again?

A:  YES! It is a natural ability you were born with.You never lose it.Brain Management has been teaching Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch first found it. For over 33 years Brain Management has constantly upgraded the teaching so that its clients can achieve their absolute best results.

Brain Management is the First, and it is STILL THE BEST!

Richard Welch is the“Father of Mental Photography”

Q:  If I learn Mental Photography, Will I have to give up “reading”?

A:  No. Mental Photography enhances the experience of reading. The average reading speed is 250 words per minute (wpm). Mental Photography begins at 25,000 wpm. During the training you are tested on recall at 52,000 wpm. Proficient Mental Photographers can show over 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages).The impact of Mental Photography is 100 times reading something. It will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book. You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing!


…And even more powerful is the way that

Mental Photography exercises the brain!

Mental Photography also delivers:

  • Elevated Whole Brain Activity

  • Strengthens neural pathways

  • Hemispheric Balancing

  • Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious

  • Grow more memory

  • Quicker and clearer thinking

Since I have been relying on reading from age 5, will this get in the way of my Mental Photographing abilities?

This is why Brain Management teaches the comprehensive “Brain Management Seminar”.The Brain Management Seminar fully explores Mental Photography, its’ endless uses, attributes, and benefits.You will experience these things during the training and see results. You will know all you need to know about Mental Photography techniques and be able to use it with confidence.

                                                     KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

We here at Mind To Mind hope you found this information on Mental Photography valuable.

Dr Shannon Panzo

                                    Great Things Happen Here!

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