Looking in Both Directions

Sometimes when you start working out, losing weight, changing diets or in some way trying to improve your life you get overwhelmed or disillusioned.

Why is this?

One reason can be the habit of only looking forward toward your goals - the horizon.  Believe me the horizon never stands still. It moves away as you move towards it. Horizon gazing can be a miserable experience if you hope it gets closer the more you move toward it. The horizon is incapable of revealing progress. But if you look back and see incremental progress and value that progress you get nourished.

Looking back at progress is grounding, objective, empowering and motivating. Looking in both directions - back at your progress and forward to the horizon can be surprisingly freeing in your pursuit of a happier, healthier life.

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Comment by Vincent Wright on October 8, 2013 at 10:09am

Thanks kindly, Lawrence.

With respect to your question: For me, fixed and immovable means this:
The horizon I saw yesterday had to stand still ... else I wouldn't have reached home... 
Thus, universally, "horizon" serves as a "variable" term...
For philosophical goals, "horizon" may never stand still, it may never be reached.
For practical goals, goals seen with our physical eyes and targeted by our physical feet, the horizon stands still ... it is fixed, it is immovable and, thus, it is reachable...
This instance of the variable "stands still" in our minds so it *can* be reached.
All things "reached" are things formerly known as "horizon"...
All "success" is formerly a "horizon".
Were there only one type of "horizon", the kind which "never stands still", "success" would be impossible, non-achievable...
Comment by Lawrence Carroll on October 8, 2013 at 9:51am

Vincent I loved your statement "reality and philosophy put force on each other". Such a beautiful reflection of the symbiosis between these aspects of human life. As you write this I see philosophy as the horizon and reality as the position of scrutiny.

In my own experience of spiritual commitment and aspiration the perspective of horizon, where heaven meets earth, is ever finer, ever subtler. Even enlightenment is not an end point.

I am curious what a fixed and immovable horizon is.

Comment by Vincent Wright on October 8, 2013 at 7:36am



I agree with the philosophical point of looking in both directions ... that's proven to be a good thing, a life mattering thing.

But, a recent, real world experience forces me to have to disagree with this statement of yours: "Believe me the horizon never stands still. "

For me, reality and philosophy put force on each other.  Like left and right eyes working together to form a unified vision, each is an instrument of vision which can force us to adjust our understanding and appreciation of the perspective of the other.

Just yesterday, I fairly critically needed a horizon, a fixed, immovable horizon to stand still until I reached it.

I reached that horizon ... the horizon which stood still ... and, thus, I reached home ... the home I needed to reach...

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