"Let 'em head for something they want, then watch their speed!"

I remember a friend's frustration with low response rates in his marketing and sales efforts. As usual, I reminded him that we have to remember that response rates are tied to what we offer people that appeals to THEM.

To illustrate the point, I shared with him a story which I'd like to share with you.

While recently reviewing an old, old, old sale
s training book written by Elmer Wheeler called "How to Sell Yourself to Others" I saw this great little story that goes as follows: 

"Have you ever noticed how tired workers seemed filled with new life at the noonday whistle?

When I was a boy I sued to plow with an old mule that, to all appearances, was half-dead with exhaustion. I often felt that passers-by must have thought me terribly cruel to work such a decrepit creature. 

Late in the afternoon, however, when the days work was done and we started home, this tired out old animal became a veritable bolt of lightning!

When she was "headed for oats," she would run every step of the way! 

Much the same thing happens with people who are convinced they are always tired.

Let 'em head for something they want, then watch their speed!"

Food For Thought: Are you offering people something they want?

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