Lamentations And Celebrations For Cody: Life Lessons From A Cat

At a time when there are such extraordinary challenges in our daily lives, it's hard to justify taking time out to remember a cat.

Yet, in the midst of all this junk on the daily news mixed in with all the excitement promised by the Internet and its kindred products and services and hopes, I feel compelled to acknowledge my affection for a little friend who was only on this planet for a very little while.

His name is Cody.

Cody was the most beautiful possible creature I'd ever met. Pristine, white fur. Big green eyes. An unstoppable personality. Cody was packed to the brim with personality. How so much personality could be packed into such a tiny body is beyond my comprehension.

Cody's personality was a mixture of boyish masculinity, impishness, and ethereal grace.

Yet, to be honest, Cody and I had our run-ins.

I hadn't owned a cat since I rescued one from drowning in a drain during a thunderstorm when I was a boy of about 10 years of age, or so.

So, I'd forgotten LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of things a cat can do to drive a human crazy! :-)

Once, when I was asked to babysit him, I discovered a discovery I wish I hadn't discovered: Cody LOVED to rub himself on my legs - at THE most inopportune times! Now, I like affection as much as anyone - BUT I DON'T LIKE CAT HAIR ON MY SUITS! :-)

So, I'd run. I'd duck. I'd get on the other side of the table.

Yet, here comes, Cody.

He always found my legs.

After a while, even with all my vaunted willpower, Cody wore me down.

Truthfully, other than the aggravation of having to clean off my suits, Cody's affection was just a little bit welcomed. (Shhh...Don't tell anybody I said that!)

Once when there was a large thunderstorm, Cody hid under the bed for days upon days. His owner, Alice, tried all manner of ways to get him to come from under the bed. Cody wouldn't budge.

Want to know how we got Cody to come from under the bed after all those days?

I sat on the floor, stuck my legs under the bed where Cody was and slowly pulled them out from under the bed - along with Cody! He'd just follow my old legs! :-)

Other than being a scaredie cat when it came to storms, Cody was brave and would stand up to cats 2, 3 times his size.

Cody was also endlessly curious - part of his genetic coding, I guess.

Unfortunately, upon moving from Connecticut to Florida, Cody was confronted with an open door recently.

On the other side of that open door was some unknown animal, a raccoon perhaps. A hungry or just plain old territorial raccoon which did not appreciate Cody's beauty nor that wonderfully impish little personality of his.

Yet, we shouldn't mourn Cody. For, without mastering a single word of English, he had an impact on those of us who paid attention to him.

And because of his strong little personality, I'm okay with taking a moment to celebrate my little buddy.

Thanks, Cody!
+Vincent Wright

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