Jorge Enrique González Pacheco American Poet and Seattle Latino Film Director invited to Toulouse 31st Latino cinéma Rencontres

Jorge Enrique González Pacheco is a Cuban poet, film industry professional and cultural entrepreneur. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Latin American Literature from University of HavanaCuba, and a Master's Degree in Hispanic Literature from Complutense University of MadridSpain.






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González Pacheco was born in MarianaoHavana, on September 9, 1969. His mother died when he was very young, and his relationship with his father was turbulent. González Pacheco moved to the United States in 2003, and since 2006 he has been living in Seattle.

He published his first poem in Alaluz, a literary magazine of the University of California, Riverside. He has published five books, including under the light of my blood. In Cuba, he received the Delia Carrera Poetry Prize, a national award, in 1996.

In 1990 integrated the group of young poets that participated in the revolution of Cuban literature that distanced itself from political themes and created a clearer and more universal lyric. As a freedom defender, in an interview, he criticized the situation of the civil liberties on his country.

One of his well-known poems titled "Havana" is dedicated to his childhood city.

González Pacheco is the founder and CEO of the Seattle Latino Film Festival (SLFF), a non-profit organization (with charity status).

He has read his poetry in the United States and many other countries, including Spain. 

Jorge Enrique González Pacheco is the Director and co-founder, of Seattle Film Festival. Poet of was renamed international, film-maker of the Cinematographic industry and American Cultural Promoter of Cuban origin Jorge Enrique González Pacheco will attend Cinélatino, 31st (Rencontres) Meetings of South American Cinema in Toulouse in France. Jorge Enrique González Pacheco is a cultural South American ambassador of the community in Seattle and the world. He is the director co-founder of South American Seattle Movie Festival (#SLFF) for eleven years. He collaborates with international film festivals and cultural events in Spain, Holland, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Dominican Republic, and France among others.

His presence in 31st edition of the cinema of Toulouse is going to enrich the work of the festival and the Spanish-American cinematography retying cultural links, exchange, to offer a spectre of French-speaking knowledge, moving closer to the Latin nations through the cinematographic art and his protagonists to the northwest of the United States and the South American-Hispanic community of Toulouse. The 10th edition 2018 of South American Seattle Movie Festival had a big success supervised by Jorge González Pacheco the festival of SLFF had presented 70 movies of 20 countries thrown in Seattle and cities of surroundings. It was a challenge for all the team of the festival, with the sponsoring of Delta Air Lines and Aero Mexico, to give welcome for the first time in this part of the Northside (Pacific coast) of the United States to about 25 film-makers 11 countries. The festival of South American Seattle Movie Festival invited within the framework of the Francophone the French film-maker (graduate ESSATT of Lyon) Florence Jaugey.
Jorge Enrique is a guest of honour in the South American Movies in 31st Meetings of Toulouse Rencontres Latino Cinema is trying to create links of collaboration between Cinélatino and the French films and cinema organizers with the aim of a potential distribution of the 11th being prepared edition of Seattle Latino Film Festival American (SLFF) which will take place from 04 till 12 October 2019. Seattle Latino Film Festival Movie SLFF is the only Festival of the cinema of the State of Washington of this type and also the second film festival of bigger and most important of thirty-one Festivals cultural of the 7th art of the State of Washington.

Jorge Enrique González Pacheco is a poet, a speaker, a teacher, a film-maker, a co-founder of the Festival of the Latin American movie of Seattle and from now on recipient of the Price of the Mayor of the Arts of Seattle "Mayor Arts Awards corresponding in France to Knight of Arts and Letters)." My friends ask me when I have time to sleep. I really have no answer to it ", he says in smiling.
The inexhaustible energy of Jorge Enrique González Pacheco

"My friends ask me when I have time to sleep. I really have no answer to it ", he says in smiling.
The inexhaustible energy of Jorge Enrique González Pacheco accompanied always his creative and spiritual journey.

 Born in the district of Marianao in Havana, González Pacheco lived what he described as " a typical childhood ", maintaining a very narrow relation with her mother until she dies, while he was 12 years old. "She was my best friend a unique and incomparable mother", he says. "I still miss her with pain and sorrow, then I suddenly discover while I was writing my poetry and poems was for me a way to speak with my mother after its departure."
Jorge Enrique González Pacheco is awarded a diploma by a Doctorate of Aesthetics, sciences and technology of the Arts Cinema, at the University of Havana (Alma Mater established) on September 21st, 1728 by the order of the Dominicans), where he has obtained his high school diploma he obtains his diploma of Literature Latin American to the University Complutense of Madrid.
With a formal Cuban education, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco knew strong censorship. 

He leaves his native country with a university degree in the pocket but inexperienced. 

Encouraged by one of his professors of Havana, González Pacheco went (surrendered) in Spain to obtain its Hispanic master's degree in literature to the University Complutense of Madrid.

During its stay in Madrid Jorge González Pacheco, was invited at a conference with Octavio Paz poet essayist and Mexican diplomat, Nobel Prize winner of Literature (in 1990 having lived in France in 1946 and work with Breton André, Benjamin Péret).

The Nobel Prize in Literature Octavio Paz was moved by the reading of the poem which Jorge had dedicated and tells him: "your essays and poetry remind me José Martí's works ", and he says publicly: "the poetic works of Jorge Enrique Pacheco must be published ".

A short time later, a friend submitted some of his poems to "Alaluz", an important Latin American literary magazine. One of them was published and the career as a writer-poet of González Pacheco had begun and today his works are archived and available on the Library of Congress of the United States

Ingles  Español   / Congress Library /

He does not smell that his poetry is connected to politics and all his inspiration is based on the 21st century on diverse subjects of today's society.

He quotes the mysticism of the Cuban poets of the 50s and the Spanish generation 27, Spain, a collective of Spanish poets whose works tried to bridge the gap between the Spanish popular culture and the folklore of the 1920s in Cuba, as formative influences

He quotes the mysticism of the Cuban poets of the 50s and the Spanish generation 27, Spain, a collective of Spanish poets whose works tried to bridge the gap between the Spanish popular culture and the folklore of the 1920s in Cuba, as formative influences.

His suggestive style avoids politicizing openly, using the surrealism and the metaphor to approach universal themes of love and death.

It is an aesthetics inspired by the research for the beauty and by the sense direction of the Cuban-American culture. Jorge Enrique González Pacheco writes his poetry almost completely in Castilian language tongue of Cervantes, allowing him to express himself in metaphors.

After his studies, he commits to the Institute Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), where he becomes a production assistant of diverse film projects. " Fidel Castro thought a lot of the Institute of the Cuban movie ( ICAIC) ", he says. "It was one of the rare cultural institutions where an artist could find a little more freedom to create and express it. "

In 2003, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco was invited in the International Book Fair of Miami-Dade College on the basis of a recently published collection of poems. He decided to stay and to settle down in the United States in Florida where some close members of this family live. Miami it is City of welcome to Cuban and Latino people. 

He moved to Seattle in 2006, partially to withdraw from the zone of the comfort of the sun of Miami. He decides to settle down in a major and biggest city with a prosperous artistic and cultural stage rich in conferences, education, teaching, and writing in Seattle rather than to stay in the sun of The Florida and its sands beaches of The Sunshine State.

Soon eleven years ago, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco cofounded the Festival of the Latin American movie of Seattle with the aim of spreading the Latin American Films and culture to a wide and large public. "There are in Seattle numerous Latin American organizations which concentrate on subjects and social purposes but little dedicated themselves to the cinematographic art and the art simply, " he says.

The festival of the South American Movie developed during a business weekend filled with events on the red carpet of the Famous V.I.P stars films actors and celebrities guests and about 70 movies of 10 different countries, among which Mexico, Cuba and Brazil.

Seattle Latino Film Festival SLFF attracts crowds of people coming from different States, South and Central Latino American Countries and Europe audiences. The Seattle Latino Film Festival is very appreciated by the important Latino and Spanish-Speakers community and the considerable number of Second-generation South American young people born in Washington and Oregon The Wine States.

" The youngest members of the Latin American community recognize the importance of the Festival and what he(it) represents for them ", he says.

Faithful to his habits, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco shows no sign of slowing down. His last collection of poems should be published during the course of the year on 2019.

Seattle and Toulouse, are creating historical, cultural links with the Francophone. The city of Seattle possesses a vocation and anchor of Latino cinema, a favourite subject and place for filmmakers, but also as the real cradle of the seventh art of the North-West of the United States, like Toulouse  City Called the Rose Town!
"In Toulouse le Cine Latino 31st Rencontres Meetings from the 22nd to the 31st of March 2019, this is a clearly identifiable historical moment where the expression of a cinematographic look appears in the fine arts".
"The Seattle Latino Film Festival SLFF is a cultural organization that shows the culture of Spanish-speaking Latinos, Francophone's of Canada to all wind. La Francophone is a special touch in Seattle ", he said about the SLFF.

 The Seattle Latino Film Festival #SLFF helps to make this city even more cosmopolitan cultural and beautiful. The Seattle Latin American Film Festival (SLFF) is the most important organization of the Ibero-Latino American cinema in the northwest of the United States.
The 11th edition of the Seattle Film Festival (SLFF) will take place from October 4 to 12, 2019, perhaps with the broadcast of French-language films and artists from France and Toulouse. / article in the French National magazine L'OBS lobs

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