Is the Dow Getting You Down? Your Brain Power is the Key.

Learn to anticipate the market with superior brain power.

The Dow sometimes feels like that never ending spiral that spins in an upward progression.

There are more days that win than lose, or the losses are offset by higher gains. As the months roll by there are more UP months than DOWN months. Nice and relaxing; like getting a tan on a boat in the middle of a lake. The waves are nice and steady. Over the years you continue to make gains. You can count on it. Right?

There are unseen forces at work, the weather is changing. You hear the tiniest of whispers in your ear saying, "There is storm on the horizon. Tighten the reins, and make adjustments in your portfolio now." You wave it away saying to yourself, "It's the Dow... The ride is nice and smooth."

Suddenly, the clouds gather, lightning strikes, and you are smashed by the downpour. Your boat is no longer on the lake, but is on a fast moving river with rapids and sharp rocks. Just as suddenly, your boat goes over the waterfall, and you are deluged and sinking. What do you do now?

Remember all the good times you had riding the Dow? That provides the buoyancy for you to survive the ordeal. You are not sinking. It was only a knee-jerk reaction to a sudden drop; a market correction. The storm will pass and you will weather it.

Anticipate the "slide" buy listening to your mind. You heard it, but you refused to listen. The moans and groans of a bad bearing were not enough for you to step in and oil and make adjustments to your machine - the analogy of your portfolio.

Most people do not see the need to exercise their mind until the mountain is falling on them. No amount of saber rattling will stop the slide. It is the decision making power of each investor as to what steps they should take when that little voice comes knocking. You used to be so much better at this sort of thing. Your skill has become rusty. If you are not exercising your brain regarding your investing prowess, then you become a sluggish pawn, allowing  it to happen to you.  You cannot afford to be complacent.

Learn from the lessons of the recent fall of the Dow, and be proactive in strengthening your brain. You will be better prepared when it happens again. Your intuition will become keen and raise the alarm. You will have time on your side to rearrange your portfolio and soften the blow of an unsteady market.

Many financial Gurus, while glued to their abacus, are actually using their well trained minds and  intuition to provide the advantage over market statisticians. Additionally, their decisions are based on the best information, not mediocre information. You can do this too.

What are you willing to do to make your financial life more rewarding and less stressful? Are you ready to exercise your brain?

Dr Shannon Panzo, Brain Coach, Life Strategies

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