Is Steph Curry's Pregame Workout The Secret Of His Success?

Steph Curry is an NBA player with the Golden State Warriors. He was the MVP of the NBA for the 2014-2015 season. He is a spectacular basketball player and quite popular with NBA fans across the league. Before each game, he performs a pre-game warm-up regimen which is uniquely his.

Here is a little 3-minute version of his 20-30 minute warm-up:

Of course, there are several answers to this question: "Is Steph Curry's Pregame Workout The Secret Of His Success?"

And my first answer is that when something is so public, it's hard for it to be a secret. In many ways, I think that Steph Curry is a capable showman and this warm-up routine has multiple purposes, including to display his ball handling and ball shooting capabilities.

His father was an NBA player and he grew up idolizing basketball players (including his father). He started handling the ball as soon as he was big enough to control it and he grew up with a basketball as a normal part of his life.

I'm now living in South America and I see the children here start handling the soccer ball as soon as they start to walk. Down here, the kids grow up walking to and from school controlling their futbol with their feet. Their futbol becomes a part of their lives. Their futbol is a normal part of their dreams. By the time they start playing in child leagues, they are already accomplished ball handlers.

My second answer is that I see Steph Curry's basketball handling capabilities as coming from, it has always been a part of his life. So, his ball handling is natural for him. And, displaying this natural aspect of his life is fun, because he is establishing a mystique about himself, as an extraordinary ball handler.

My third answer is that he uses this warm-up regimen to test his current athletic state. In every sport, athletes test their body's response before they initiate play. I'm sure you notice that golfers swing their club before they take a shot. Tennis players bounce the tennis ball before they serve. NFL players bang each others shoulders and helmets, while others pass the ball around between themselves before they take the field. Athletes in every sport, take some time to test how their body is acting and reacting before they initiate play. Steph Curry's test is a little longer and a little more of a show than most, but it is still accomplishing that test of the body's actions and reactions.

I thought my fourth answer would be that Steph is confirming his exceptional state of timing precision. But, after watching multiple videos of his warm-up, I'm convinced that he does have very good timing, but I think that his natural development as a ball handler is the basis of his high levels of performance, rather than exceptional timing.

I watched Steph's warm-up regimen (multiple versions and multiple times) and I'm convinced that his timing is very good, but is not exceptional. It would be interesting to actually measure his timing to see how good it is. But for now, I'll simply rely on my experience of 15 years testing and training timing with all kinds of athletes and make the judgement call.

Of course, if Steph calls and asks, I'll be glad to test his timing and re-write this post if I'm proven wrong.

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