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San Gimignano is a lovely Medieval World Heritage Site of UNESCO

San Gimignano is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. The tourism is around 15% of GDP in Tuscany. (Gross domestic product is the total value of everything produced in the country. It doesn't matter if it's produced by are citizens or foreigners. If they are located within the country's boundaries, their production is included in GDP).

San Gimignano is the most historical medieval city in Italy. Tourists, visitors of all kinds, can also stroll to rush hours. Located in the region of Tuscany, 56 kilometres south of Florence, the city of San Gimignano was an important stage for pilgrims who went to Rome or came back from it. The patrician families that governed the city built 72 tower-houses up to 50 meters high, true symbols of their wealth and power. Although only 14 of these monuments remain, San Gimignano has retained its feudal appearance and atmosphere. The city also has masterpieces of Italian art of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.


It represents a masterpiece of the human creative genius. It contains the exceptional testimony of a cultural tradition, a living civilization. It is an outstanding example of a type of construction, and it is also an architectural ensemble or landscape that illustrates significant stages in human history and viticulture.


The annual visitors are more than three million tourists from five continents. San Gimignano is the landing point of many German, Italian and European tourists, who visit San Gimignano with the desire to discover the beautiful vineyards of Chianti, and especially Vernaccia the original vine of San Gimignano. Medieval ancient stones have to tell tourists a lot to quench their magnificent thirst to know the history of architecture, culture and also the Tuscan wineries and vineyards.

 In the centre of San Gimignano and with offices in Florence Bettina Kurz manager of Viva Business offers a selection of wineries and vineyards in Italy and the rest of the world. These wineries are installed in different Denominations of Origin. Viva Business is a team of expert's leader in the sector and with more presence in the social and media networks that will help you in the search and purchase the best wineries in a confidential manner and accompanies the client throughout the acquisition process of private sale.

Owning wineries and vineyards in Tuscany is a charm. Viva Business will help you with the quality and seriousness of all the steps taken with a wide portfolio of selling and buying users at the Italian and International level.

The local economy depends considerably on viticulture especially the varietal Vernaccia is one of the best white wines of Italy.

The International Expert Bettina Kurz imbued the culture Tuscany and world viticulture runs

Bettina Kurz and his team are dedicated to sale vineyards, wineries, processing and cultivation. So is dedicated to the sale of reputable winemaker properties that produce high-quality wines. High-value wines using grapes: Sangiovese, Vernaccia de San Gimignano

Viva-Business makes sales with 100% of the Company's shares with evaluations: Equipment, machinery, property, vineyards. Brands Support in the introduction to the business with customers and suppliers. Transfer of information during a period to negotiate.

In San Gimignano tourists from all over the world discover the villages of Tuscany with their seven cities classified Historical by UNESCO Heritage, with their historical artistic, cultural and religious itineraries and local craft works. This Tuscany has extraordinary productive and economic potential.


But in San Gimignano, we feel a sense of the immense popularity of the medieval city. Mass tourism began in the late 1970 s with the development of viticulture, with a progressive increase of 5 to 10 per cent each year. The 1,800 residents who live in the historic centre coexist with the many tourists.


San Gimignano attracts millions of visitors annually also come for the viticulture and its wines of "Great quality".

The vast majority of the tourists of San Gimignano like to walk and rest under the shade of their medieval towers. Numerous activities are linked to tourism, with contemporary landscape painting workshops from Tuscany, pottery workshops, Tuscan products and works by local artisans.

In San Gimignano there are cultural manifestations is, sports and wine throughout the year.

There are also visits of wineries, tasting vineyards, for tourists throughout the year. Tourists prefer to visit one of the city's museums which are also one of the Renaissance masterpieces. San Gimignano depends mainly on tourism and merchants are happy. There are never too many tourists.

Tourists love wine tasting in San Gimignano.

From January and February, 14 is the tasting period to celebrate with your girlfriend or wife and also the ideal period to visit a city that has too many people in summer!


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