Up until this weekend, I was still unsure of the whole Twitter 'thing', but I can say right now: I'm starting to understand the appeal of Twitter, and "I love Twitter!" One night recently, I even had a dream that I was logged on to Twitter, sending posts and responding to others! I've spent most of my time online, during the past 3 days, responding to the messages that I have new followers on Twitter, and trying to read some of their posts. (After caring for my kids and doing housework, I've had little time for myself, now that I'm also working on creating a course syllabus for the SAP training class that I'll be teaching starting next month. Yes, I found a PT job! Will elaborate in another post.)

While I'm not exactly sure what I did that triggered this, I have to say that just this weekend alone, I increased my Twitter followers by one third. Granted, I have a only a few dozen followers at the moment, but I am still NEW to Twitter and still learning how to use it effectively. I'm not concerned about the number of followers; right now, I almost have an exact balance between followers and users that I follow, so that's cool. Via the profiles of some of my new Twitter followers, I found other users that I want to follow, too.

While I still have LOTS to learn, I think that I'm on my way, now that I'm finally starting to 'get' it.

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