I Just Want a Job: Words That Will Crush Any Interview

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“I just want a job” or “I’ll take anything” are comments I hear very often as I am working with clients. I also heard this from almost every job seeker I spoke with at a recent job fair I helped out with. Although many job seekers feel this way it is vital not to say or project this feeling to contacts, networking acquaintances, recruiters and most of all during an interview.

Letting everyone know you’ll take anything will get you nothing of value.

This approach backfires for a couple reasons. First, you lose all credibility as an expert in your position or field when you remind everyone you’ll take anything. Second of all, value statements become something that sound disingenuous. Just like using an Objective Statement on a resume, you turn everything to focus on you and what you want instead of on the company, what they want and need and what you have to offer and help them.

Feeling desperate is understandable as bills come due and any job seems like a better choice than waiting for the perfect job. This might be true but you can’t face the world with this attitude. You have to convince others (and yourself) that the job you are applying for or interviewing for is the best job in the world – and your ideal job. You will be much more convincing in an interview if you put the same effort into “any” job as you would in what you think is an ideal job. Do your research, know the company and what they need and sell yourself!

Pose yourself as an expert in that position or field by knowing your stuff. Focus your resume, the stories, examples and answers you give in a networking meeting or interview on what the position is looking for. This will give others confidence in your abilities. If you don’t believe you are the best candidate for the job, you won’t be able to convince others either.

A recruiter or hiring manager does not want someone settling for a position. They will assume you will leave as soon as you find something better, not give your all or even feel bored. They are looking for someone who will fit the job and someone who wants to work there.

So – if the “I’ll take anything” approach isn’t working for you, try using a different approach that showcases your expertise and fit and see what happens!

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