I just saw a "faux person" COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR from social media, tonight...

I just saw a "faux person" COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR from social media tonight: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Brandergy. ALL profiles GONE!

This person had consistent looking profiles set up on all the dominant social media sites and I just got an update from her yesterday. In addition, it shows she'd updated her Ning profile just a couple of hours ago. But, after months of seeing her all over the Web, all of her profiles are gone.

BOTTOM LINE: It's easy to CREATE A PERSON on social media that has nothing to do with a real person so, be careful...


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Comment by Vincent Wright on July 15, 2015 at 2:31am

That was about 5 years ago so, I'd have to search for the details on what specifically happened but, it was quite stunning to see that happening that night ... Have a good night, good man... #KeepSTRONG

Comment by John Chang on July 15, 2015 at 2:27am

Wow, so strange.. did someone get on to her?

Did the sites get some "cease & desist"?

What was the story behind this?

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