Human Nature: 6 Psychological Strategies for Your Brand

If you understand basic human nature, you can better market your brand to humans. While that sounds super simple, so many small business owners overlook the basic psychology behind marketing their brand.

Integrate an understanding of human nature into your marketing strategy and your branding materials—and watch the world respond to your business, regardless of your industry.


1. People Love to Talk…About Themselves

Most people (well, most business owners and decision makers, I should say) love to talk about themselves: their business, their hobbies, their passions, their family—all of that! So in a networking situationjust let them talk. While the other person is doing all the talking, they’re providing you with free, and very valuable, information. Sometimes that information can be used to develop a better relationship, and usually it can be used to figure out how your business, product or service can make their lives better—and the list goes on.

In the Wild: In networking situations: shut up, listen and take notes.


2. People HATE Being Sold To

The key to great marketing is to always ask: “How does your product make your ideal customer’s life better?” Ask that question every time you do any marketing for your business. I’m sure your business, your products and your services are fabulous, but thisISN’T ABOUT YOU. This is about your customer! Period! Your marketing needs to address their problems, their concerns, their challenges, their goals. Write your marketing messages around that ideal customer’s issues. You know, the ones that keep them up at night!

In the Wild: In your marketing, stop focusing on your business and why you’re so great. Offer help, guidance and information and your customers will want your products and services.


3. People Are Busy

You know it; I know it: people are freakin’ busy. Really busy. They’re multi-tasking. They’re scanning tons of information all day, every day. 60% of people can’t even recall the last display ad they saw! (source: Infolinks )  You need people to stop for a second and pay attention to you, so how you go about attracting that attention is going to take a lot forethought. You have to come up with a hook. Maybe you do that with humor. Maybe you do that with facts and statistics. Whatever you do, it should be a simple concept: short and to the point, relevant, and it should pique their interest. You want them to want more, and to ask for more. You WANT to get that person to do a Google search on your company because they are curious and because you have something they KNOW they need. You want them to contact you, ready to buy and/or ready to do business. 60% of local business websites don’t have their phone number on them! (source: BIA Kelsey 2012)

In the Wild: You have SECONDS to catch the attention of your target audience. Don’t waste time. Oh, and get your contact information on your website!


4. People Are Attracted to the Attractive

Put simply: people like things that look good, so you need your branding and marketing to look appealing. Pick the right color, the right font/typography, and the right graphics for your target. It takes merely a few seconds for a person to make that decision: so does the look and feel of your company resonate with them and speak to what they need now?

In the Wild: DAMN! Talk about judging a book by its cover! Find or design a look that looks awesome and screams your brand, then make it consistent on every marketing element you send out into the world.


5. People Want to Help

Today’s consumers like to feel they’re helping, so they like to buy and support a good cause. Check this out: 47% of consumers have bought a brand at least monthly that supports a cause. What’s more, people are very likely to use social media to recommend and promote their cause-related brands. 9% say they’ll switch brands if a similar brand supported a good cause. (source: Edelman goodpurpose 2012)  This is significant stuff here! How about this: 90% of consumers want companies to tell them the ways they are supporting causes, and nearly two-thirds (61%) don’t think companies are giving them enough details about their charitable efforts, including the amounts donated and the length of each promotion. (source: 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study)

In the Wild: Get your butt out there and stand up for something! Support a cause to support and create trust in your brand.


6. People Will Reward You…If You Make Them Feel Special

When are you more likely to scratch someone else’s back? When they scratch yours, of course! When people feel special, they reward. Simple as that. And how can a current client best reward you? By purchasing from your business again and again—and better yet: by referring you to others! 82% of small business owners say their main source of new business is through referrals. Plus, businesses that spend 5% on loyalty are 25% more profitable. (source: Constant Contact source)  These are big numbers, people!

In the Wild: Do you really want to be seen as the “cable company”…you know, the company who only offers rewards, specials, deals and discounts to NEW clients? (Ooo, I hate that!) Your existing customers/clients need to feel special. Do they?


When you get right down to it, allowing for human nature is a crucial element of your awesome branding and marketing strategy. Understand what your ideal customers are thinking, how they feel, and what they want—and you’re already ahead of the game! Use these skills in the wild and watch your brand thrive!


Do you have any human nature strategies that your company takes full advantage? We would love to know them…comment below.

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