How to Increase Traffic and Profits by Satisfying Desire

Let's face it.

Whatever the new groundbreaking info-product you've just created, no matter how remarkable it is, at first, there's a chance that no one will think they actually need it.

In the most basic sense of the word perhaps they are right. On the most basic level, all we humans need to exist is food, water, shelter, and air. However, the fact that we don't technically need a thing never stopped anyone from shopping. I don't need these faux-fur trimmed bedroom slippers I have on, but I like wearing them around the house more than socks.

We human beings have desires. A professor named Steven Reiss says we have 16 basic desires that guide all our meaningful behavior. They are power, independence, curiosity, acceptance, order, saving, honor, idealism, social contact, family, status, vengeance, romance, eating, physical exercise, and tranquility. If you can tie your product to one of these basic desires, people who believe your product will fulfill that desire will buy it, so long as they can find it. Especially if you provide it in a way that will measurably improve their lives.

The question then becomes, what type of desire does your product fill, and where can you make sure your product is represented in order to encounter those folks? Generating traffic to a website is not about giving people what they need, or tricking people interested in time travel to sign up for a newsletter about saving time when traveling.

It's simply a science of finding out how, where, and why the people who want something congregate, and putting your product or service in their path.

Soda companies did it. Whether you love soft drinks or hate them, it's a fact that daily consumption of a product we do not need has deeply permeated Western culture, primarily through marketing. According to a study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest called "Liquid Candy", carbonated soft drinks are the biggest source of calories in the typical American diet.

Clearly we don't need soda to live. And it's not as if the formula for making it in our homes can't be found readily for free on the internet. Clearly, we don't just buy for reasons of scarcity. We buy due to convenience. We buy knowledge that is free because the person explaining it is better at helping us understand it.

We also don't need cell phones or television, in the strictest sense. But can you imagine life without either?

The point being that, at some time, someone thought of a way to tie a common desire people had to their product, as the fulfillment of that desire. Here's one process you can use for the same purpose.

1- Find the Ideal Market for Your Product. That would be a group that has a desire that your product satisfies.

2- Get Your Product in the Market's Path. This is where traffic techniques come in. If your prospects use search engines, be in search engines. If they read a certain publication, be in it as an ad, or in an article.

3- Educate that market about their desire. Make sure they know you exist, and how you can give them what they desire.

4- Tie that desire to the elimination of an existing pain

5- Make it as easy as possible for them to hear you, and also for them to want to listen. In other words, stop presenting your content intrusively. Don't send messages at random to people who don't want them. Make them opt-in -- make them Want to Opt-In.

6- Provide the solution as a value exchange - make sure the perceived value of the solution is greater than the perceived cost of the solution OR of continuing to have the problem.

7- Tie the perceived cost of the solution or of continuing to have the problem to an ego trigger.

8 - Deliver more relief in your solution than the recipient is expecting.

9 - Go back to step three and continue on infinite loop once the market is big enough to support you in the manner to which you would like to grow accustomed.

Most people think that traffic generation is all about electronically wrestling some poor schmoe to the ground and forcing them to go somewhere they don't want to go.

Wrong. Traffic is about being in a flow that already exists. It's about fulfilling desire. And if you can satisfy that desire better than anyone else, you can OWN that market. A market that other people might not even realize exists, if you continue to satisfy new desires, instead of only serving old need.

As you satisfy desire, traffic flows naturally to fill the vacuum created by the people moving out of their current stream and flowing to you. All you need is a quality solution, the ability to fulfill a desire with it, and a system of generating traffic.

Tinu is a website promotion specialist who teaches traffic generation to entrepreneurs and builds custom traffic systems for larger companies. You can currently get a free chapter of Social Media Success Strategies without entering your email address.

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