How Pro Athletes Quickly Return To Top Form After Being Medically Cleared

How Pro Athletes Quickly Return To Top Form After Being Medically Cleared

Every athlete wants to make sure they continue executing the skills of their sport with precision, especially after injury or surgery. Yet, even after being medically cleared, it is often necessary to wait for execution precision to return. Coaches and other players urge a return to the field, court, pitch, or course as the way to return to top form. And this becomes a waiting game for that high level of timing, that feel, that rhythm of play to return. And sometimes this wait is most of a season (or more).

In our long past, we knew how to teach and to recover that execution precision, but we have lost the knowledge. Coaches are struggling with an overall problem of poor execution from many of their athletes and are left with the new analytics, which is clearly showing us that we do not know how to make sure our athletes normally execute skills with precision or recover that precision after losing it (for whatever reason).

There Is Nothing New In The World

Our ancient ancestors knew how to make sure that there was always enough food for the clan. The clan shaman knew how to make sure their hunters were competent enough and accurate enough for the clan to survive. All around the world, independently, the clan shamen made sure that their own clan would survive.

Independently, they developed local, unique solutions that had one thing in common: teaching execution precision. And to make sure their clan survived, they included their solutions in their clan’s ritual and ceremony and in their children’s games as well.

Anthropologists have found these rituals and children games teaching execution precision in every primitive society around the world. Even though these rituals and games are unique to each of these societies, they all have the necessary activities that teach the people how to execute with precision.

These solutions for learning skill execution precision continued in every community in the world, until the Industrial Revolution. No one knew that this solution was built into all our cultures, because everyone was secretly ‘taught’ how to execute with precision by their spiritual practice and by how they played, growing up in their cultures.  So, when we left the villages to move into the newly industrialized big cities, we left those traditions behind and did not know that these rituals and games were important for preparing us for our future.

But, That All Changed

In the new world of factories, that precision was built into those new manufacturing machines, so individuals no longer needed to learn how to execute skills with precision for their work product to be precise. So now, for many generations, we have not been naturally and normally learning how to execute with precision.

Sure, some athletes have had that high level of precision and we all know and revere our own highly precise athletic role models. But, if those exceptional athletes lose that high level of precision, the best they can do is wait and hope that their precision returns. In our modern world, we have not been prepared to train or recover that high level of execution precision.

When searching for new candidates for our teams, we are always searching for those candidates with that high level of execution precision (we usually refer to this as ‘talent’). And when we find that quality, we are willing to pay a high price to obtain that athlete with that very important quality of execution precision.

What If Execution Precision Could Be Taught?

If we knew how to teach these high levels of execution precision, we could make sure that all the athletes in our teams and in our development squads and in our academies were being prepared to perform at the highest levels of our sport.

But, we have lost those training models, which had been clearly understood by those who were most concerned about our ability to survive and thrive.

T-TOG™ Has Perfected Those Long Lost Skills Of Teaching Execution Precision

Execution precision means that athletes improve accuracy, focus, speed, force, balance, coordination, confidence, consistency, concentration, reaction time, mental stamina, mental sharpness, and other highly desired athletic capabilities. At the same time, athletes with high levels of execution precision have dramatically fewer execution mistakes.

Execution precision means that athletes improve performance quality as they perform all the skills they already know. They even improve how well they will perform those new skills they have not yet learned.

High Levels Of Execution Precision Can Be Taught And Are Being Learned

In 2003, Vijay Singh learned a high level of execution precision and was the first PGA player to overtake Tiger Woods at the top of the PGA Money List.

In 2004, Corey Koskie (Minnesota Twins, 3rd Base), learned enough in the middle of his last year of his initial contract to improve his batting average (from less than 200 to over 250) and got picked up in free agency for more than $15million by Toronto.

In 2007, a pro bull rider from Ft Worth learned this after two years of physical therapy, recovering from brain injury in a construction accident (his day job). Because of his injury, he was permanently disabled and was told that he would never be able to work again. When he started his T-TOG™ program, he needed an Assistant to help him with balance and to open doors. In less than a month his balance and coordination was so good that he was arriving to his sessions on in-line skates, by himself. After two more weeks, he was arriving on his Harley. He returned to both of his jobs.

In 2007, a college student in north Texas learned execution precision after two years on his school’s football team. He had never been able to suit up for games, because his 40-yard sprint times were too slow, he struggled with the playbook tests, and he did not perform up to the required academic level. He took the T-TOG™ program in the Summer after his second year at college. When he returned to college in the Fall, he aced the playbook test and he was near the front of the pack for his 40-yard sprint. From that point, he was on the Dean’s List every term until he graduated, and he played every football game for his last two years.

In 2014, a 4 year NFL player was released and after multiple tryouts was not signed by another team. In March of 2015, with T-TOG™, he learned execution precision before the 2015 NFL Veteran’s Draft. He was the top performer in his position group and was signed by another NFL team in less than a week.

Where Are These T-TOG™ Sessions Offered?

The T-TOG™ training program is Skype-based sessions in which the athlete performs a series of no-sweat exercises. These unique, exclusive T-TOG™ exercises improve execution precision.

These sessions are one-to-one with T-TOG™ training staff, who have worked with hundreds of those who have achieved improved execution precision. Because the sessions are Skype-based, professional athletes can schedule their sessions to match their own schedule: at home, in training, or on the road.

Individual testing in each session ensures progress is achieved in the training program. Execution precision continues to improve as sessions continue, so athletes can improve execution precision to match their own goals for the levels of performance they want or need.

Do You Want To Learn, Or Do You Have Athletes Who Need To Learn Execution Precision?

T-TOG™ is the only source for this program. If you want to improve execution precision, you need to Contact T-TOG™.

Execution precision can be achieved for an individual athlete with 2 or 3 individual Skype coaching sessions, per week, in only 4 to 8 weeks. Contact T-TOG™ for your individual assessment.

Execution precision can be achieved for teams, through programs for individual athletes and through a certification program for the whole team’s conditioning/training staff. Contact T-TOG™ for a formal or an informal presentation for your team management and coaching staff.

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